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A Life Once Lost with Bob Meadows

Thrash Magazine decided to have a quick chat with Bob Meadows (vocalist) in A Life Once Lost. We ended up getting some information about the up and coming release, the Seasons of Mist move and more. Hopefully we will chat again once the band gets closer to release time, fall 2011.

1. You guys were on “hiatus” for the better part of 2 years; was this more of a get out of the business and sit back and forget the scene type of hiatus or where there reasons you would be willing to talk about that caused the hiatus? Was this a group/single member decision etc.?

It was an unspoken understanding that we needed time to gather our thoughts. Everyone maintained a busy schedule whether it was work or other projects, we all had time to get to know ourselves a little better. I feel the decision was much needed and we all look forward to returning to the road.

2. You have found a new home now, Season of Mist. Although you have not released with them yet, what have you seen different from Ferret compared to Season of Mist?

SOM seems a bit more metal and a bit less scene. I feel the SOM roster is extremely strong and I am proud to park my name next to all of the bands on the label.

3. Personally I think you are more at home with Season of Mist and your sound; however what are the reasons you chose them over typically what you have gone with Ferret/Deathwish etc.?

We have grown up through the hardcore / metalcore boom of the late 90’s. Our sound started to stray more towards a metal undertone but layered with the influences we all pulled from the hardcore scene. After years of touring I feel we are now a full fledge metal band so who else better to assist you then SOM. Ben Weinman and myself were discussing how this is the new hot label with such bands as Dillinger, Watain and Kylesa – they are really pushing the boundaries of extreme music just hard as some of the heavy weights out there.

4. You have been writing the new album you are getting geared up to record for nearly a year and a half. Doug was quoted saying you had setback after setback during the writing process, can you go through some of these and what got you through them?

Yes, we have a few setbacks but in the long run they could be disguised as blessings. between label disagreements and our drummer leaving the band, it has given has more time to throw out some weaker songs and make this album one to remember in 2011.

5. Your album art has always been interesting and solid work from Paul Romano. What is your reasoning to go back with him, and what “themes” have been thought up this early in the game?

We have not gotten around to discussing the artwork with Mr. Romano but I am sure whatever he takes in from our sit down and my lyrics will unfold into another powerful piece for us. We have been really exploring the talents of our friend Mike Wohlberg as well with t-shirt and poster designs; a true untapped resource that has delivered countless amazing designs for us throughout the past six years.

6. What can we expect from the new release, music wise? Aside from more experience/polished sound anything unique or new to this record or will it be typical in your face ALOL?

The main ingredient in our new music is in the exploration of a new tuning. It opens up doors and allows us to explore deeper into our crafted sound. I guess you can expect the vibe we have delivered with our previous releases but now with the much needed hiatus, we approach each song a bit differently.

7. “Iron Gag” was a different musical experience from your previous efforts. I don’t know if I would go as far as what your Wikipedia says in “Groove metal” but it definitely had a less technical metal sound than “Hunter” and “A Great Artist.” Will “Iron Gag” or previous works influence the new album more?

With every release dating back to a great artist, we also made it a goal to build on what we created yet to add or bring another element to the music that we felt would fit our overall groove vibe. Our records groove and that is the bottom line. We were grooving when bands wanted to sound like Suffocation – we learned more towards taking the concept of Meshuggah and making it our own.

8. How different are things now, coming back in with a clean head and moving forward with ALOL and what do you think ALOL will bring to table in terms of touring in the future? Will you be more or less active?

I feel like we are going to really try and make these tours count. An over saturation of the band never seems to pay off – instead we push kids away cause they get tired of the same thing every month. Now we are planning on limiting the touring to two or three tours within the US on each album we do. Our overseas touring will step up greatly though and I don’t think anyone objects to that.

9. What do you think ALOL would have become had you not taken the hiatus?

It is hard to say. Would we be writing this record we are now? If our drummer quit then, where would we be and would we have our new drummer jamming with us? Man, a lot of questions come up and that does stir the pot about but I am content with the short leave we had and now the possibilities of the events to come.

10. Anything else you would like to add?

We are back – new album out fall of 2011.

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