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The Warriors “See How You Are”

clink, clink, clink…
warriors, come out to play-a…
clink, clink, clink…
warriors, come out to play-a…

The Warriors are a hardcore, punk/rock band with a definite pre-metalcore sound. If you are bored with post punk and find metalcore tedious The Warriors may be the cure for that situation. The fifth release for them, See How You Are, is my first listen to this band from California. Admittedly, I just watched the classic movie again a few weeks ago, so the name grabbed me right away. This is bit different stylistically from other bands in the genre, and in this case that works to The Warriors advantage as it makes them unique and interesting. See How You Are is apparently an evolution of their sound, so if you are a huge fan of the previous efforts it’s probably well worth it to listen to some samples just in case. This being my introduction to The Warriors, I will do the same for the older albums.

Musically the guitars on See How You Are by Charlie Alvarez and Javier Zarate are a mix of hardcore, some melodic punk and maybe even a hint of rock and metalcore in there for spice. Very well done, just raw enough to keep you emotionally engaged, but not sloppy and not typical or boring at all. I have to give them the most credit for managing to create near perfect balance on See How You Are. Tracks like the title tack and Here We Go Again are examples of this perfect blend, though the whole album is like that. Joe Martin does a good job holding down the bottom on bass, nothing flashy but solid playing and everything fits in well with the rest of the song. He gets a full sound that is lacking on a lot of the bass in the genre, which I think really fills out the overall sound of The Warriors. The drums are manned by Kyle Garcia, who is more a fan of using cymbals to ride each beat than me but it is on point to my ears otherwise. Tight drumming which can loosen up as the situation calls for it, solid fills that keep it interesting, all in all great work. Marshall Lichtenwaldt takes care of vocals and definitely has the right sound for this music. He generally has one sound, but it’s his own style and it fits perfectly. It’s more expressive than a lot of his peers which makes it interesting. Lyrically See How You Are is quality work, not overly preachy or whiny or tough guy aggressive or anything, which is good.

Overall The Warriors See How You Are is a quality hardcore punk/rock album with areas of distinction that set it apart from others in the genre. If you are into something a little different then this is a recommended listen. It’s tight enough to not be sloppy, loose enough to be expressive and there is enough melody and hooks to get a wide range of people listening. If you’re a hardcore purist, you will likely have issues with this album, however I’d say give it a try anyway, See How You Are might surprise you in a good way. If Hollywood ever did a remake of the classic movie… they’d probably cock it up badly… but they should use this album as the soundtrack.

Track Listing:

  1. See How You Are
  2. The War Unseen
  3. Seize the Fire
  4. Pit of Shame
  5. Mental Chains
  6. Where I Stand
  7. Here We Go Again
  8. Subirse El Meurto
  9. Panic
  10. The Enforcer
  11. Along the Way

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