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I See Stars - The End of the World Party

I See Stars “The End of the World Party”

I See Stars - The End of the World PartyI See Stars are in the process of releasing their second LP entitled The End of the World Party. The album blends post-hardcore, rock, pop, punk, emo and everything else you can think of. So how did my listening party at the gym go? Read on to find out.

Well my first mistake happened the first minute I popped them on. I forgot to plug my headphones in and boom everyone in the gym can hear I See Stars, including the hot girl working out next to my fat ass. There is nothing better than working out in a From a Second Story Window t-shirt (that’s pink with a woman getting her neck slit) and having Euro-pop infused trash blare out of your iPhone. Really says man of man if you know what I mean. Needless to say I got that cleared up within 10 seconds and a few dirty stares and moved on. Let me tell you, never have I had such a long Arch Training in my life. This was possibly worse than brokeNCYDE but since I think they are musicians I continued on.

The first few tracks really assess the mess that I See Stars is. Covering pretty much every fucking genre they could, the first few tracks made me question whether this was a joke or a real band. I had originally thought this was a second album, but I had to be sure (sure enough it was). The guitar work actually isn’t that atrocious, you just can’t really hear it over the synth and ear piercing vocals. Occasionally they go metal with a watered-down breakdown and some emo-ish screams from Zach, the kingdom of UNCLEAN vocals. I think both Zach and Devin would be better off using auto tune; although some of the tracks sound like they do.

I really do need to reiterate that I feel like I was sexually assaulted by a gorilla riding a Sybian. Seriously, that might have felt better.

I decided to get a little better understanding of what just violated my ears,  so I finally listened to 3-D which came into my collection a few years ago (first LP). After listening to a few tracks I saw a band that, although not anything special could carry some potential in a small sub-genre led by Asking Alexandria and Attack! Attack! What the band has become is something magical. Clearly they saw fame; although I am not really sure what type of fame they had in mind. The album The End of the World Party is clearly pop driven and extremely gimmicky, unlike 3-D which was just a band trying too hard with so many genres it didn’t know what to do with it. I even think I heard a failed attempt at some classical on the opening of The Common Hours II.

Taking a further look at the lyrical content is nothing to get excited about either. It just feels so forced. Take for instance, the heavier parts; they seem to always be “angry” lyrics while the rest of the song structure really isn’t. The End of the World Party (opening track) starts off with a scream “Bring me the dawn of the dead” and then it’s just about partying up. It finished “heavy” with the following “Will you be invited, your front row seats at the end of the world; The end is near, we start to spin taking our last round Bring me the dawn if the dead.”

Moving into “Over It” you see more confusing lyrics that are put together poorly and just overall pathetic. “I’d buy yourself from you and call it dreams, Into a world where everything is as it seems. We don’t need this (we don’t need this)((WE DON’T! )) Fuckin’ over it (Fuckin’ over it)”

I am not sure if there is a drummer or bassist in this band, but if there is they should really think of joining a new act that doesn’t drown them out.  I think the worst part of I See Stars is the fact that, if not a joke they are probably talented musicians trying to appease just too much. I am all for cross-genre music, but for fuck sakes, stick to just a few and you might sound good doing it. Stop doing too much. My next question really comes down to what the fuck Sumerian Records was thinking. You are such a weird schizophrenic label (maybe I See Stars fits in then). You have so many good bands and then you have such random shit here and there. Bizzy Bone? I See Stars? I mean really, The Faceless is on the same label as this? Come on.

In conclusion I will leave you with what I went through and you will not have to endure this album.

01.The End of the World Party
02.Over It
03.Still Not Quite Enough
05.Home for the Weekend
06.It Will Be Up (High School Never Ends)
07.Upside Down
08.The Common Hours Part II
09.Where I Let You Down (Numb)
11.Pop Rock & Roll

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