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Emmure “Speaker Of The Dead”

Emmure - Speaker Of The DeadI’ll start this by coming clean – I’ve never paid any attention to Emmure in the past.  I never really knew much of what they were about, but I gave Felony a spin and was completely turned off, so I just left it at that and never returned.  Well, now it’s my turn to do an Emmure review, and unfortunately that means I have to listen to their latest album, Speaker Of The Dead, multiple times.  You can already see where this is going.

Emmure is a five piece metalcore band that has roots in both New Fairfield, Connecticut and Queens, NY.  I had the impression that they were primarily a tough guy band, and maybe this is true with their older releases, but after reading the lyrics for Speaker Of The Dead I can see they split the content 50/50 with “being a hard ass” and “preparing for aliens to return to Earth”.  I shit you not.  It’s one of the oddest theme combinations I have ever seen.  I have this picture in my head of an inner city meat head reading some Zecharia Sitchin, and then thinking it would be a great idea to try and incorporate it into his hardcore band.  The best thing I can say about it is that it makes the album interesting.  The tough guy parts are predictably lame, but honestly, that sort of thing hasn’t appealed to me since Spit My Last Breath was the new Blood For Blood album – and I was 16 then.

The music isn’t much to rave about either.  If you like open chord, palm muted breakdowns, this is the album for you!  Chances are you want a bit more meat than that and you’re going to get as bored as I did, in which case you’re going to find yourself waiting for track 7, “Bohemian Grove”.  Why?  Because Emmure apparently used all of their songwriting energy and prowess to write this jammy, seeing as the breakdown features three fucking chords!  That’s right!  How generous of them!  The theme of this song is rather Illuminati-esque, and that’s about all that I care to say about that can of worms – I don’t need my name on more lists than it’s already on.

The vocals aren’t completely horrible, if you can tune out what they’re saying.  The high-end screams are pretty decent, and while I’m not really a fan of the spoken word parts, they probably give Emmure street cred.  Someone who knows more than me could tell you for sure.  On the other hand, I found the lower growls to be kind of hollow, but they’re certainly not the worst aspect of the album.  One thing I will say is that the quality of this recording is awesome.  This is possibly the best produced piece of shit I’ve heard in a long time.

In closing, I can safely say that Emmure is just not my style.  I know they have a bunch of fans, and I really wish them the best with Speaker Of The Dead, but I’ve got to stick to my guns and score this one low.  I probably haven’t made many friends with this review, but to be fair to all of the hardcore kids who probably want my head right now, much shittier things will be coming out this year (I hear that We Came As Romans is in the studio again).  If you’re a fan of tough guy hardcore or Emmure’s previous releases, this will probably be right up your alley.  Everyone else should stay the hell away.

Track Listing:
01.  Children Of Cybertron
02.  Area 64-66
03.  Dogs Get Put Down
04.  Demons With Ryu
05.  Solar Flare Homicide
06.  Eulogy Of Giants
07.  Bohemian Grove
08.  4 Poisons 3 Words
09.  Cries Of Credo
10.  Last Words To Rose
11.  A Voice From Below
12.  Drug Dealer Friend
13.  My Name Is Thanos
14.  Lights Bring Salvation
15.  Word Of Intulo

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