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More Than a Thousand - Make Friends and Enemies

More Than a Thousand “Volume 4: Make Friends and Enemies”

More Than a Thousand - Make Friends and EnemiesHailing from Portugal, More Than a Thousand have been together since 2001, cranking our melodic metalcore with more passion, more truth than I have heard in awhile.  Yes this is standard typical metalcore, nothing groundbreaking. However, I would like to point out that More Than a Thousand’s “Volume IV: Make Friends and Enemies” is just one hell of a fun head bang.

Metalcore in general has taken a complete turn for the worse.  With Pioneers leaving the genre (PTW, Converge) and moving on to better things, copy cats creating the same album over and over again (As I Lay Dying); it is nice to see a solid act show up, especially 4-5 years after the scene completely turned to shit.

“Make Friends and Enemies” has a power rock and roll vibe, which is one thing I think sets it apart from the typical bullshit metalcore out there.  Filipe Oliveira and Sergio Sousa really know how to crank out the fast passed guitar riffs like no other.  A good comparison would be Cancer Bats.  If you dig them, you will probably dig this band, although More Than a Thousand’s sound is a lot more structured than Cancer Bats.  The rock and roll vibe is very present on songs like “It’s Alive (How I Made a Monster)” and “First Bite.”

They are also set apart from the rest by a talented vocalist, who can hit his notes; not flat as well (which is common in metal), and has a very powerful scream.  I never noticed, but I played a slower song for my fiance, “Nothing But Mistakes” (which of course she loved) and she instantly said it sounds like OneSideZero. Definitely true, so if you liked Jasan Radford vocals you will definitely dig Vasco Ramos singing and screaming. His scream reminds me of a deeper and faster Tim Lambesis, and although As I Lay Dying sucks, Tim is a solid screamer.

I will repeat, the album is straight up metalcore. From sing-a-long choruses to violent breakdowns it is metalcore at its heart. More Than a Thousand have just found a way to revitalize a horrible genre and I would only hope to hear half of this quality from others to be happy. I look forward to more from them in the future, and for now this has made its place in my ever shrinking iPhone of music.

1. It’s Alive (How I Made a Monster)
2. No Bad Blood
3. We Wrote A Song About You
4. First Bite
5. Nothing But Mistakes
6. Make Friends and Enemies
7. I Will Always Let You Down
8. Black Hearts
9. Teenage Wastelands
10. Roadsick
11. A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Own Throat

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