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The Red Chord “Fed Through The Teeth Machine”

The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth MachineI may enjoy music to what could be considered a nigh-obsessive level, but there are very few bands that I eagerly anticipate new releases from.  Most of the time, it can take me a while to actually check something out, even if it’s a band whose last release fared well with me.  Once in a great while, however, a band comes along that impresses me enough that I froth at the mouth at the idea of a new album.  The Red Chord happens to be one of those bands.  I can’t think of a better album to come out of review hiatus for.

In all honesty, The Red Chord’s last album, Prey For Eyes, was cool at best.  That’s not to say I didn’t like it, but compared to the previous two, it certainly didn’t blow my mind and leave me begging for more.  With that said, Fed Through The Teeth Machine still doesn’t totally revitalize the spark that Fused Together In Revolving Doors or Clients held for me, but to call it a giant step in the right direction would be selling it short.  Right from out the gate, “Demoralizer” starts an unrelenting, face-smash-inducing cycle that this album holds near and dear.  In fact, I can safely say that there’s not a single song that’s lacking on this newest effort from the Revere, MA four piece grindcore act.

The music is an onslaught of brutality and schizophrenic yet well-executed beats.  Mike “Gunface” McKenzie, now bearing the burden of axe man by himself, completely delivers.  He knows when to be spastic, when to be punchy, and when to be serene.  Granted, there’s not a lot of serenity to be had here, but the variance is still more than enough to keep any grind fan interested.  There’s plenty of meat to chew on throughout Fed Through The Teeth Machine, and I would be hard-pressed to name a particular track that exemplifies this more than another.  The drumming is also top-notch and masterfully orchestrated, and even though this can be a sea of noise at times, it’s a real challenge to find a single flaw.

The vocals have always been one of my favorite aspects of The Red Chord, and Fed Through The Teeth Machine is no different.  Guy Kozowyk is a true master of the pipes in the modern metal scene.  His voice is monstrous, his lyrics are simultaneously provocative and harrowing, and his overall performance is top-of-the-line, bar none.  Combine this with the aural assault that the rest of the band brings the table, and you’ve got a 21st century grind masterpiece.

In closing, I wanted to mention what the standout tracks are, but I’ve already attempted this paragraph four times, and it would be kind of pointless to list the entire album.  With that said, if you like extreme metal and you’ve ever been curious about The Red Chord, you should go out and buy this album immediately.

Track Listing:
01.  Demoralizer
02.  Hour Of Rats
03.  Hymns And Crippled Anthems
04.  Embarrassment Legacy
05.  Tales Of Martyrs And Disappearing Acts
06.  Floating Through The Vein
07.  Ingest The Ash
08.  One Robot To Another
09.  Mouthful Of Precious Stones
10.  The Ugliest Truth
11.  Face Area Solution
12.  Sleepless Nights In The Compound

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