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3 Bands I Want Back

Everyday a 200 new bands are formed and 200 old bands disappear, it’s the world of metal as all of us know it. Most of this happen without any of our knowledge or care since they didn’t make it out of their parent’s garage. However, some of these bands do make it a little further, are able to grab our attention and then viciously move on without little reason leaving us wanting more, craving more and never getting it. This is a little tribute call out to a few of these bands, maybe one of them will read it and say, hell yes, we should get back together and JAM!

The first band up on the list is an east coast band that wasn’t around that long. That band has graced us with only one; it just so happened to be one of the best metalcore releases ever, and that is Burn in Silence. They released their debut “Angel Maker” on Prosthetic Records in 2006 after having been together since 2003. This album was a perfect blend of intricate guitar work, amazing growls and fast paced drums to set it above the rest of the thriving metalcore scene at the time. In early 2008 they were planning on a new record and by the end of 2008 they had broken up. To make matters worse, there was no reason posted as to why the band split up, it just happened and left the fans completely in the dark.

This is my call to you, Burn in Silence, to release the second record that never came!

In 1998 a little band out of Nevada was starting to work together. By 2000 they had released their first effort “1998” although most of us still didn’t know who this band was until 2001 when they recorded “The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug” and then re-released “1998” on Status Recordings. Yes, I am talking about Curl Up And Die. CUAD graced us with 2 full lengths (“Unfortunately, We’re Not Robots” and “The One Above All, The End Of All That Is”) and 4 total EPs (“The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug”, “1998”, “We May Be Through With The Past” and “But The Past Ain’t Through With Us”), no one which ever saw the spotlight it deserved. Playing mostly a blend of mathcore/hardcore punk CUAD was about 5 years ahead of its time since bands like this didn’t start seeing the spotlight until 2006-current. Both LPs were some of the best music put out by any mathcore band, although “Unfortunately, We’re Not Robots” is what got me into the genre in the first place. Seeing these guys back together would be a blessing in disguise.

This is my call to you, Curl Up And Die, to release the third record that never came!

The final band I bring you today is a band that to me changed the metal scene altogether, although never saw the respect the deserved on the big stage. Since there incarnation they have brought us numerous acts that we all know just as much, such as Minus The Bear, These Arms Are Snakes and most recently Narrows. I am talking about Botch. Forming way before their time in the mathcore world (1993), Botch gave us music that bands are still trying to replicate to no avail. Bringing us 3 albums, 4 EPs and numerous compilations, they to me, are the founders of the mathcore world. “We Are The Romans” was their final full length in 1999, but possibly the defining moment in their career. My personal favorite was the song “Japam” on their last EP they released “An Anthology of Dead Ends” but no Botch song was a bad song. If you digged this band, and like most of us assume their will not be a return, check out Narrows, which is Dave Verellen (vocals) new band.

This is my call to you, Botch, to release the fourth record that never came!

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