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The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness

Top Nine Deathcore Albums

I decided I would make a random list of deathcore albums that haven’t left my iPhone for months now, and well since the deathcore scene pretty much releases 100 shitty records a week, I figured I would highlight my favorites. These are not necessarily in order my “favorite” but in order of my most played (which says a lot of Hester Prynne since I got it two weeks ago).

9. The Modern Age Slavery – Damned To Blindness
The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness
Not necessarily “deathcore” but still heavily influenced in the extreme metal world, The Modern Age Slavery is one of my best kept secrets. I listen to these guys to piss off whoever is next to me on the train. This is high pitched, technical ANGRY stuff. Definitely worth a listen. This isn’t the “breakdown” deathcore you’re used to.

8. Whitechapel – This Is Exile
Whitechapel - This Is Exile
I know a lot people don’t love this album, but I can’t get enough of it. Simple, brutal and definitely not a happy record Whitechapel leaves no breakdown unturned in This is Exile.

7. Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Malice
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Malice
Oldly but goody. From one of the creators of death metal meets the breakdown (well not creators but one of the first “big” names in the genre). This is their second full length and just fast. Since it is a completely new band now, who knows what will come of it, but this record will never change.

6. Impending Doom – The Serpent Servant
Impending Doom - The Serpent Servant
There is nothing more I like than to be told to love God during an angry breakdown. In all seriousness though, this is one hell of a record from Impending Doom. It shows enormous growth from their first effort. And I have to give them props for one of the best album covers I have ever seen.

5. Hester Prynne – The Goswell Divorce
Hester Prynne - The Goswell Divorce
Hester Prynne is an angry fucking band. This album has been playing non-stop for 2 weeks now. It has solid blast beats, great breakdowns and so catchy guitar and vocal work. A great title to a great album as well.

4. Conducting From The Grave – When Legends Become Dust
Conducting From The Grave - When Legends Become Dust
If techno ever met a deathcore band this is what it would sound like. No the band isn’t techno, it is just the best way I can describe some of the guitar work on this album. You will be in a vicious breakdown and all of a sudden “BAM” you’re listening to a HORSE The Band album, guitar wise. This is a great GREAT album, and it deserves much praise. They break the boundaries of a lot of genres and do it well.

3. Suicide Silence – The Cleansing
Suicide Silence - The Cleansing
Well I think this is everyone’s favorite so it’s in the list. Great technicality, brutal breakdowns and angry lyrics. They have a faster more vicious record coming out soon so we will see. Also their cover of Engine No. 9 (not on this record) is great, one of the best covers of recent times in the metal world.

2. Whisteria Cottage – Heathen
Whisteria Cottage - Heathen
Brutal, anger, fast and just perfect. This is one of my favorite albums of the year (although I think it was officially released in December, not sure though). Each song has a perfect amount of grind, death, thrash and the “core” throws it all together. They also encompass some catchy guitar work like no other metal band today.

1. Elysia – Masochist
Elysia - Masochist
If you hate someone or wish death to someone, this is the album to listen to. The lyrical content is angry (some over the top but very enjoyable, some very good as well), the guitar work is amazing and the breakdowns are punch your friend in the face strong. This was hands down the reason I started to actually like deathcore, unfortunately now Elysia sucks, so if you can find this record pick it up, skip out on Lions of Judas.

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  1. I disagree with most of these.
    There is not even Misery Index,Oceano,All shall perish,Caliban,Despised Icon or Heaven Shall burn,not to mention the newbies like Nochaa or Veil of Maya,all farbetter than Elysia or Conducting From The Grave…not even talking about the production and mixing.

  2. Hey would you guys be interested in writing a review for Hester Prynne new album, “Black Heart Market” ? They released it independently digitally, and with Total Deathcore physically on 7/4/13. Thanks for your time today, and we are all fans of your page.
    http://hesterprynne.bandcamp.com/album/black-heart-market https://www.facebook.com/hesterprynnemetal

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