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Sylosis “Conclusion Of An Age”

Sylosis - Conclusion Of An AgeIt didn’t take very long for Sylosis to become my new favorite band.  Their Nuclear Blast debut LP and newest album, Conclusion Of An Age, is by far the best thrash record I have heard in the last few years, at least.  Hailing from England, this five-piece deserves to be the most popular band on the planet.

I must admit, while it’s not a bad song, “Desolate Seas” is not the greatest opener for this album.  It’s acoustic and relatively quiet, not really doing much to get you psyched for the onslaught that is about to ensue.  Seeing as it’s the only thing I have to complain about on this record, I’ll even go so far as to say that I find it strange that a band like Sylosis would opt for the calm-before-the-storm approach, rather than the kick-the-door-in-and-run-in-with-both-guns-blazing approach, especially when considering that lots of bands do this one thing perfectly and then botch the rest of their album.  At any rate, it’s still well-played and doesn’t sound out of place.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

This album kicks asses and takes names.  I had never heard of this band before a week or two ago, but I’ve come to learn that Sylosis is pretty much the Merriam Webster definition for “amazing”.  The vocals are perfect, mostly consisting of mid-range screams, with some transitions to higher shrieks or lower growls.  There are even a few moments of clean-singing, but even these sound right at home and are very well-done.  The songwriting is top-notch, mixing speedy thrash assaults, rife with rapid-fire triplets, with beautiful harmony.  The guitars are incredibly technical and masterfully executed, and the drummer is practically a human metronome.  The pace is generally fast, but the band flows seamlessly in and out of mid-paced to slower tempos, and they do it enough to make sure you stay interested.

In fact, I can safely say that there isn’t a single bad song on Conclusion Of An Age, a rare feat indeed.  With that said, there are definitely some songs that I prefer to others.  “Blackest Skyline” was the first song to clue me in to the fact that I was listening to something completely outstanding.  The melodies that make up the main chorus riff are incredibly tasty, and are the first example of just how above the rest Sylosis actually is.  After that was “Reflections Through Fire”, and then the title track, both of which are downright pummeling for thrash songs. “Teras” opens and closes with a well-played mathy thrash riff that I definitely took a liking to.  Lastly, “Oath Of Silence” is by far one of the best wrap-up tracks of all time, and there isn’t one moment of that song that stands out above the rest, save for a short climbing melody that only shows up twice, which will leave you wishing it was played out in full riffs just so you can hear more of it without constantly rewinding your CD/mp3 player.

In closing, I must strongly recommend that every self-respecting metal head goes out and purchases a copy of Conclusion Of An Age.  I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t already a Sylosis fan prior to this, but it’s never too late to change.  Truthfully, I can’t imagine any fan of the genre not liking this album.  I’m willing to bet that it will be a long time before something else comes along that’s even moderately comparable.  This album is without a doubt worthy of the whale of a score that I’m giving it. Get into it.

Track Listing:
01.  Desolate Seas
02.  After Lifeless Years
03.  The Blackest Skyline
04.  Transcendence
05.  Reflections Through Fire
06.  Conclusion Of An Age
07.  Swallow The World
08.  Teras
09.  Withered
10.  Last Remaining Light
11.  Stained Humanity
12.  Oath Of Silence

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