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Whisteria Cottage “Heathen”

Whisteria Cottage - HeathenWhisteria Cottage is a band in a somewhat overpopulated scene, deathcore. Since bands like Suicide Silence, Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel took off so did 3000 start up bands that want to be ANGRY, ANGRY and more ANGRY. The more chugga and grunts the better. Well this scene, to me, has completed trashed itself too quickly and we find it hard to even put a deathcore band in our music players, well unless you’re a scenester. Well, that rant being said, Whisteria Cottage was a pleasant surprise in my CD player to say the least; in fact, if you like deathcore this should be at the forefront of your musical experiences.

Following up their Demo, Whisteria Cottage headed into the studio to record and release ‘Heathen’ on Statik Factory Records. This debut is everything a debut should be, a refreshing face in the music scene and something different in a genre we liked. Musically it is more chaotic than Suicide Silence or Whitechapel, but also less confusing than bands like Job for a Cowboy (yes we all wonder what the hell was going through their minds sometimes). The guitar work is fast and to the point, with few solos but overall solid riffs. More importantly is for a first album it feels like the band has been playing together for years. The drum work is quick and relentless, never giving up or slowing down. They are traditional (can that word be used?) deathcore, but do offer us a lot more grind for your buck. In-between chuggas are a lot of intricate grind sessions that keep even the pickiest fan happily amused.

Opening with the track “Pathology of Our Existence”, ‘Heathen’ immediately kicks you in the face. Using a simple movie quote to kick the album into drive and then some good distortion effects on the vocals makes this one hell of a song. This also has one of the best breakdowns I have heard in a long time at the end with the simple but strong lyrics of ‘We are the ones that belong’ repeated a few times. “Human Disfigurement” is the first song on the album that possesses a lot more grind elements, although they do stick to an overall beat. The drums are heavy, the vocals screechy (in a good way) and the guitars blazing fast. This is also where you realize that they are very good at making catchy music; some of the beats just won’t leave your head for days. “Confined” is the song for the drummer in all of us, as it carries a quick brutal beat throughout the entire song. Each song from here on offers the listener a different sound and more great music. The album finally comes to a close with “Your Broadcast Is Interrupted” which is a great closer to Whisteria Cottage’s ‘Heathen’. This song captures every moment they give you and brings it to a close; brutal, angry and powerful.

Whisteria Cottage has put together an album that outshines and outplays most bands in the deathcore/metalcore scene. They are a clear frontrunner and hopefully time will help them grow the ladder, if the deathcore is not already too saturated first. This is definitely an album I would recommend to friends and all of you out there in musically candyland.

01. Pathology Of Our Existence
02. Human Disfigurement
03. Confined
04. Failure To Succeed
05. Baled To Death
06. Enticement
07. Devour Thy Throne
08. Heathen
09. Your Cremation, Our Reclamation
10. A Misconception
11. Your Broadcast Is Interrupted

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