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Protest the Hero - Fortress

Protest The Hero “Fortress”

Protest the Hero - Fortress“Hot damn! If you truly want your face melted off, you need to pick up Protest’s new mind blowing album!” A comment from one of my very close friends that almost promises a spectacular album. That album being Fortress by Protest The Hero. With their sophomore effort, PTH doesn’t hesitate to amaze with their original thrash mathcore style surrounding many new surprises. From opener “Bloodmeat” to closer “Goddess Gagged” you get nothing but the finest from the Whitby, Ontario boys.

I’ve listened to this album countless times and it always seems to amaze me every single time. With the entire band on a whole new level of skill and musicianship, each song reminds you why you picked up the record in the first place. The guitar work is beyond impressive as well as vocals, drums, and especially bass. Every guitar or bass line is either brutal, beautiful, shredding, or just plain astonishing.

I have not one word of discouragement at all for this album or band. I think they have created something very new and unique as well as completely groundbreaking. I expected nothing but the best from PTH and that’s exactly what all of us got. With lyrics like “Live to fuck and fuck til death”, you just can’t go wrong.

01. Bloodmeat
02. The Dissentience
03. Bone Marrow
04. Sequoia Throne
05. Palms Read
06. Limb From Limb
07. Spoils
08. Wretch
09. Goddess Bound
10. Goddess Gagged

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