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The Ghost Inside “Fury and the Fallen Ones”

The Ghost Inside - Fury and the Fallen OnesThe Ghost Inside has entered the world of metalcore with a bang with their debut album, “Fury and the Fallen Ones.” They have also successfully re-opened the dead world of metalcore as we now know it. Something unique was needed when it came to breakdowns, metal and anger. The Ghost Inside has done this with just raw talent.

Musically, “Fury and the Fallen Ones” is well above the rest in the genre. With clever hooks, pounding drums and some of the best screams to reach a modern album. Vigil leads the band off with some great vocal abilities and some solid lyrical content as well.

“Bitter and betrayed, broken but never disbanded, we gave it our all. I was jaded then, and maybe I still am, but will push on. Missing but mended, some hearts never break. The things inside us all, found only to be stronger than before. (I have something you should know) I’ll see you when the sun sets…” comes from track 3 entitled “Faith Or Forgiveness”. This is the end of the song leading into a solid breakdown. This music makes you want breakdowns, unlike current metalcore. It brings back the urge to dance to a solid beat. Soyer and Aaron handle all the guitar work. This is not super complex, but everything is timed perfectly. And I might add, the live performance is amazing as well. Finally, but not least, KC and Tyler fill out the band perfectly. KC leads the double bass assault, while Tyler fills a role of a bassist who wants to be heard (refreshing).

Musically sound, lyrically profound pretty much sums up this entire release. I will leave you all with the closing line of “Revolutionary (Bang The Drum)”, and that is “I will start a revolution!”, which is truly what The Ghost Inside has done. Go pick this album up now.

01. Provoke
02. Destined
03. Faith or Forgiveness
04. Disintegrator
05. The Brave
06. Siren Song
07. Shiner
08. Revolutionary (Bang The Drum)
09. Inherent Youth
10. Smoke And Signal Fires
11. The Lion War
12. Blue And Gold

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