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Thy Will Be Done “Was And Is To Come”

Thy Will Be Done - Was and is to ComeOverlooking the smaller, more commonly unknown band is somewhat of a typical occurrence. Generally, local acts are copycat crap that, well, nicely said should stay underground. Obviously the small cases of some of these bands that succeed deserve it, most do not and some still go unnoticed. In comes a little MA/RI based ‘Thy Will Be Done’. Signed to Stillborn Records and distributed through Caroline Distributions, ‘Thy Will Be Done’ might not get found. However, constant touring and hopefully solid promotions will bring this band to the forefront of the metalcore community. One thing that separates this band from all the other crap out on the market is a southern groove to the music. Although a MA/RI band, they have an apparent southern rock influence in their sound, especially the guitar work. Everything about this band flows nicely together, almost as if, dare I say, they play like a band.

“Was And Is To Come”, the band’s debut album is a true fire under the asses of the scene. Combining a good background of influences, and a lot of local acts in the MA/RI area, ‘Thy Will Be Done’ deserve their moment in the sun. The guitar work is excellent, throughout the whole album. The wide array of vocal snarls and grunts also accompany the music. He can belt with the best of them that is for sure. The drum work is fast, smooth and not overly down; very good production quality on the drumming.

‘Thy Will Be Done’ is a metalcore band; they have metalcore roots, some death metal roots and southern rock roots. The music is typical metalcore, but original. They play together like they have been making music together for 10+ years. It is refreshing to say that a metalcore album showed up on my door and was great. Each song has some epic portions to them, some great guitar solos and solid drumming. My personal favorites on the album are “Bloodwitness” and “Selfless Portrait”. This is definitely a band to keep on your radar; hopefully the spotlight will shine on them.

01. Voice Divides
02. Cast The Crown
03. Bloodwitness
04. In The Name Of
05. Reveal Resolution
06. Earth’s Final Embrace
07. Preserving The Sacred
08. Threshold Of The Spirit
09. Selfless Portrait
10. Was And Is To Come

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