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The Ocean “Precambrian”

The Ocean - PrecambrianThe Ocean Collective, most commonly known as The Ocean, but since there is 14,000 other “ocean” bands out there are officially called The Ocean Collective are a progressive hardcore/metal act out of Germany. In 2007 they released ‘Precambrian’, a 2 CD album featuring 14 songs and clocking in over 80 minutes total. Since their incarnation in 2000, the band has definitely moved more toward the metal/hardcore world of progressive music rather than the rock world. In 2004 The Ocean Collective recorded both ‘»Fluxion«’ and ‘»Aeolian«’ to be a 2 CD set, creating a heavier and softer sound, however it never got released that way and this created a “scare” among the older Ocean fans and the newer ones. ‘»Fluxion«’ is a lot softer of an album than ‘»Aeolian«’. That being said, they decided to release ‘Precambrian’ in 2007 as a double CD. Both albums here however are more like ‘»Aeolian«’. Although the ‘—Proterozoic—’ disc is a combination of their softer side (progressive) mixed with the throaty attack of Meta.

Each disc is an album of its own, featuring a more metal influenced ‘—Hadean/Archaean—’ and the more progressive sounding, though still metal ‘—Proterozoic—’. I believe the latest count for this band is about 8, although I am not completely sure. Back on this double disc however, is the use of classical instruments, something taken away from ‘»Aeolian«’. The Ocean Collective is definitely a talented band and ‘Precambrian’ is another step in a mature direction. Some of these songs are of epic proportions, while others are just brutal 4 minute metal/hardcore songs. Either way, one of the discs will keep your head banging and fans of both progressive metal and typical heavy metal happy.

The Ocean is trying something different, and for that a lot of people have not noticed this gem, in fact a lot of people have criticized their material. Personally, I feel this has a lot to do with not understanding the progressive sound with the metal/hardcore vocals. Their songs literally go from soft atmospheric to Hatebreed at some times, making this seem like a rather odd approach.

If you’re a metal head and want something unique, possibly groundbreaking check out The Ocean Collective. My personal favorite is ‘—Proterozoic—’, although both discs prove note worthy and have not left my player for awhile. TOC is for fans of Botch, Isis, Mastodon and other progressive metal bands.

01. Hadean
02. Eoarchaean
03. Paleoarchaean
04. Mesoarchaean
05. Neoarchaean
01. Siderian
02. Rhyacian
03. Orosirian
04. Statherian
05. Calymmian
06. Ectasian
07. Stenian
08. Tonian
09. Cryogenian

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