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The Agony Scene “Get Damned”

The Agony Scene - Get DamnedThe Agony Scene are back with their third release ‘Get Damned’. Formed some time in the early 2000’s they have seen 3 record labels for three different releases, 3 completely different sounds with only the vocal style staying true to their roots, and a shit ton of different band members to boot. Yet they are still together producing music. After leaving Solid State (for various reasons I can see: They aren’t a Christian band and Roadrunner Records generally equals more money) they signed with, like I said, Roadrunner. ‘The Darkest Red’ was released and Roadrunner did what it does with all its non Slipknot-esque bands, forgotten about them. Personally I liked the sound and brutality of the s/t more than ‘The Darkest Red’ which had a much more produced sound. In steps Century Media Records to swoop them up. Obviously a step down in terms of money chances, Century Media will in fact stick with the band, promote them, and give them as much chances as they can. So this was probably a better direction than becoming another Roadrunner swept under the rug act.

In October of ’07 The new Agony Scene (new bassist and drummer) released ‘Get Damned’. The album is much grittier, unlike both their albums in the sense this has an old Every Time I Die (‘Last Night In Town’ era) feel to it, almost like they were trying something different. Gone are the crazy blast beats, replaced more with chaotic sounding drums and a lot quicker bass work. The guitar work also stepped up the pace as well. It is different vocally as well, although the only noticeable vocal change is that the clean vocals are gone now thanks to saying goodbye to Roadrunner. Michael does a solid job at the high end raspy sound, yet it does not differentiate any.

The biggest issue with this record to me is it feels like a regression even from the s/t album. The band is definitely heading in the right direction since ‘The Darkest Red’, yet it still is not as solid or passionate as the s/t.

The new drumming style is very solid, but different. Ryan has definitely brought a much more thrashy sound to The Agony Scene. However the guitar work from Chris and Brian, although ok, does not appeal to me as much as it once did. The tempo has sped up, but the overall output is very draining throughout the album.

This is an album for fans of the s/t, although don’t expect this one to be as good. Fans of ‘The Darkest Red’ will probably be disappointed with ‘Get Damned’, but overall this is still worthy to check out.

01. Barnburner
02. Predation
03. Dances With Devils
04. Adversary
05. White Nights
06. Rapture
07. Deliverance
08. Rattle Me Bones
09. The Opposition
10. Will To Bleed
11. Old Scratch

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