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Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell

Demon Hunter “Storm the Gates of Hell”

Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of HellDemon Hunter is back yet again with another Christian metalcore album for tons of fans who have been waiting. Formed around 2002, they have brought their fans a steady flow of Christian metal. However, they have also steadily gotten softer and more rock influenced over the years. With their fourth full length entitled ‘Storm the Gates of Hell’ we have completely found a generic metalcore band making its moves into the Avenged Sevenfold rock arena. They do not sound like Avenged; they have just made the push in the same direction.

In 2005 they released ‘The Triptych’, which was a much more melodic metal album. ‘The Triptych’ was a lot better written as well. ‘Storm The Gates of Hell’ sounds more like a forced album at the end of a band’s career than anything else. A good analogy my friend, who is a big fan of Demon Hunter as well as baseball, told me was this, “Demon Hunter led a solid career, but nothing Hall of Fame like. However after what appeared to be steroid induced, ‘The Triptych’ came out and brought them closer to a strong career. Now those steroids are taking their toll and the band sounds more washed up than ever.” I completely agree. This just sounds like a crappy attempt to retain as many fans as possible.

‘Storm The Gates of Hell’ is not all bad however. ‘I Am You’ is a solid song. The tempo changes and it doesn’t sound completely taken off another metalcore release. Throughout the rest of the album the drumming is slow and copied, the guitar work is pretty much breakdowns if not in a soft part (way overdone by the way), and the singing is sub par from their previous releases. I do not have a problem with Christian hardcore bands; in fact I use to really like Demon Hunter, making this even more disappointing to me. The only true saving grace on this album is the messages they bring, if you dig the Christian approach. You can tell they are still passionate about their message. I would probably not recommend this to anyone other than the extreme Demon Hunter fan though.

01. Storm the Gates of Hell
02. Lead Us Home
03. Sixteen
04. Fading Away
05. Carry Me Down
06. A Thread of Light
07. I Am You
08. Incision
09. Thorns
10. Follow the Wolves
11. Fiction Kingdom
12. The Wrath of God

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