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Suicide Silence “The Cleansing”

Suicide Silence - The CleansingSuicide Silence are back to bring you their newest crushing effort and first full length, entitled ‘The Cleansing’. If you have never heard of Suicide Silence, think Job For A Cowboy with more speed elements and a lot more structure.

Suicide Silence formed back in 2002 and quickly impressed the metal gurus at Century Media. In September, ‘The Cleansing’ came out and was followed by a ton of touring (they are still continuing) and a fun music video for the track “The Price of Beauty”. The video is interesting enough to keep you watching even if you don’t like the band’s brutal metal.

In all reality, Suicide Silence is just a death metal band entering into that whole deathcore scene. What Suicide Silence does right is not try to impress a new culture and modify the sound of deathcore. They take their talents and just pummel through the crowd. Suicide Silence also puts on one hell of a show. Death metal is just what it is, however this newfangled deathcore stuff brings a new element to the table, and thus far few bands have been able to successfully do this (Suicide Silence, Elysia, Animosity).

The vocal assault from Mitch is great, definitely the highlight of this band. His low pitched screeches really complete the sound, and in some ways gives them a unique aspect. Lyrically they are also a little better than your typical death metal band. They have many subtle themes which is definitely a plus. The guitar work is solid death metal, with quite a few breakdowns and chugga chugga’s here and there. Chris and Mark do a good job keeping the riffs fresh and catchy. Alex helms the drums and does some solid beats. His blast beats are strong, and his overall tightness is pretty good.

Where Suicide Silence fail is in overall repetitiveness. Not necessarily one track or another, just as a whole this album sounds the same. The lyrics change, but the vocal sounds do not. The tempo very rarely changes as well.

Suicide Silence’s overall approach on ‘The Cleansing’ is solid. The album has a raw feel, and with some growth in the band they could easily be a front runner in the deathcore scene. This is a very good first release. My personal favorite track is “Unanswered”.

01. Revelations (Intro)
02. Unanswered
03. Hands of A Killer
04. The Price of Beauty
05. The Fallen
06. No Pity For A Coward
07. The Disease
08. Bludgeoned To Death
09. Girl of Glass
10. In A Photograph
11. Eyes Sewn Shut
12. Green Monster
13. Destruction Of A Statue

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