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Throwdown “Venom And Tears”

Throwdown - Venom & TearsThrowndown are back once again with a heavy hitting album called “Venom & Tears”. “Venom & Tears” is Throwdown’s fifth studio album, and latest out on Trustkill Records. For a band with constant lineup changes, Throwdown have managed to survive, although they are basically a different band than when they first started.

For fans of “Beyond Repair” and “You Don’t Have to Be Blood to Be Family”, their last three releases have somewhat been a disappointment. No original members are in the band, and taking on a newer sound, some think they should have helmed a different name entirely. “Beyond Repair” and “You Don’t Have to Be Blood to Be Family” were albums of hardcore bliss, be true to yourself, love your friends and shit. “Haymaker” marked a turn towards anger for the band. This also marked the point of breakdown after breakdown and Throwdown appeared to lose their musical depth. Every song on “Haymaker” was 2-3 minutes; 1-2 minutes of breakdowns, 1-2 minutes of swears and hate, and the rest was something less than desired. “Vendetta” was a bit different, but I feel a turn for the worst. The album almost became corporate in a sense. Following the success of Ozzfest, Throwdown just released an album to release an album. “Vendetta” was less on the terrible lyrics, but it still sounded like Hatebreed’s “Perseverance” album way to much. I think the most upsetting thing about all of this was that a young emerging band became a Hatebreed clone, although I guess it helped pay the bills.

Well along comes “Venom & Tears”. “Venom & Tears” appears to be a new direction for Throwdown. Although still heavily rooted in beat your neighbor for no reason hardcore, they have almost incorporated a heavy metal edge. The best way I can describe this is what A Perfect Murder did, although not as extreme. “Venom & Tears” is nothing groundbreaking, but for a band on the verge of releasing trash just to sell a few CDs, it seems to be a step in the right direction.

Lyrically, Dave Peters is not a genius. Although, I will note his lyrics are getting tolerable. Vocally, I think this is the weakest link to their new direction. He seems to have trouble moving his vocal talents into the metal world, and it comes off as a bad hardcore scream. The music however is something to actually be happy about. The beats are good, not as many breakdowns, and the occasional drum solo is refreshing (although very small).

Some refreshing songs are: ‘Cancer’ and ‘I, Suicide’, although as a whole this album is very average.

01. Holy Roller
02. Day Of the Dog
03. S.C.U.M.
04. Americana
05. Weight Of the World
06. Cancer
07. Hellbent (On War)
08. No Love
09. Venom & Tears
10. I’ll Never Die a Poisoned Death
11. I, Suicide
12. Godspeed

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