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From the Shallows - Beyond the Unknown

From The Shallows “Beyond The Unknown”

From the Shallows - Beyond the UnknownFrom The Shallows have released an EP entitled “Beyond The Unknown” on Tribunal Records. Covering 7 tracks, this EP is everything the metal community could want, especially the modern metal world. We have heavy as hell breakdowns, screaming guitar solos, and bitter vocals all meshed into a 7 song EP. From The Shallows also brings this raw emotion to their live sets, whether it is in front of 1000 or 10 (I know because ICC Church promoters suck and I watched them with about 10 other people and they were still amazing).

Blending together elements of hardcore (brutal breakdowns), straight up metal (vocal style), and Swedish influenced guitar solos this is a great release. I can not wait for a full length, but until then I can always repeat this over and over again banging my head to each and every beat. From The Shallows have found a sound that most bands struggle for, blending the best elements of different genres together to create something new.

Steffan has one of the more brutal screams in the game today. Every yelp he does seems passionate, violent and angry. Lyrically he seems to be death metal influenced, but nothing too extreme (no I Cum Blood ala Cannibal Corpse), however the lyrical content is good. Taken from Under A Killing Moonlight, “And we swallowed his blackened freedom The sinners blood coveted by martyrs, Under your rancid uncleansing moonlight, Tear your flesh and let it be devoured”

One of the real treats on this album is Marco, and his ability to blend great guitar solos with brutal breakdowns. Marco’s solos are structured and talented, plus they sound great live too. David does a solid job on the drums, from blast beats to quick fills he keeps you interested. Their bassist, Nathan is also nothing to be ashamed about (as so many bands should be). Nathan not only follows along great, but also has his own agenda and gets it down. This isn’t Les Claypool, but a bassist that is mentioned is a bassist to be seen.

Each song on this album brings something brutal to the table. The only downer is that it’s an EP. Hopefully From The Shallows can produce something as good, if not better when they release a full length. This is a band that will be recognized sooner than later, so jump on the bandwagon now!

01. Beyond The Unknown
02. Battle Axe
03. Ice Box
04. Under A Killing Monnlight (A Fire Is Awakening)
05. The Chalice Pf Mankind
06. Dead Bolted Hell
07. Entities Beheading

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