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Between The Buried And Me “Colors”

Between the Buried and Me - ColorsBetween The Buried And Me have pretty much seen everything, done everything, and have had a very successful career if nothing more than being solid musicians. With strong releases since their self-titled debut all the way until “Alaska”, you really couldn’t ask for much more. After the release of “The Silent Circus” the band added three new members, causing many people to speculate that it was the end of BTBAM as we knew them. Of course all they did was come out with two more impressive albums, one a cover album entitled “The Anatomy Of…” and the second being “Alaska”. Along with Ozzfest, “Alaska” truly took this band into the next level of stardom, if you can say that about a metal band making ends meet. Either way they released a solid effort, although some would say a more structured effort in comparison to “The Silent Circus” and their self-titled, and have found their own with the new lineup. I will note that the vocalist Tommy Rogers and guitarist Paul Waggoner have been there since the band’s creation in 2001.

The creation process was a different on “Colors”, and it shows. They decided to start writing without Tommy so he could strictly focus on lyrics and vocals as well as be an outside viewer and critique the work. The minute you hear the first riff on this album you will know this worked out well. “Colors” is simply a 64 minute song, crossing together every single genre of music in the most beautiful way possible. If you know me as a reviewer you will know BTBAM are one of my favorite bands, but “Colors” is beyond any expectation a fan could have.

Tommy has mixed together an emotional roller coaster. There are songs on here for the angry, the happy, the sad, the mad, and so forth. Mixing his amazing soft vocals with his twister-like screams leaves you baffled as it has before. “Colors” just brings it up another level. The music is nothing but stunning as well. From jazz to metal, country to hardcore, techno to circus; you name it “Colors” has it. The guitar work from Paul and Dusty is astonishing from soft beats, to tech metal breakdowns, to solos this is as good as it gets. Blake handles the percussion end of the spectrum and in between short fills, solid blast beats, violent breakdowns, and snare rolls he does some great solos as well. One of the beauties BTBAM have always had is a full band. Dan, their bassist, even has some great bass lines with the occasional solo. Most good bands are lead by an excellent “something” and solid followers. BTBAM have 5 excellent musicians truly putting together a modern piece of art.

“Colors” has 8 songs, ranging from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. The longest track, ‘White Walls’, is by far the heaviest, although that is by no means saying this whole CD is not heavy as shit. ‘Ants Of The Sky’ has some solos that remind me of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ style work, while some of the softer music reminds me of some of their earlier releases. “Colors” seems to be this: 5 musicians growing together, piecing together their favorite pieces of art, their favorite parts of their previous work and blending everything together. I truly mean it when I say this album goes from violent to techno to soft rock in five seconds flat some times, which is another reason this is one of the best pieces of art to come out of the last 10 years.

Hopefully fans of all genres will take a chance to listen to this. “Colors” is something not to shy away from; rather it is for everyone to embrace. “Colors” will be a hard one to beat in 2-3 years when BTBAM release a new album and it already has my vote for best album of 2007.

01. Foam Born: The Backtrack
02. Foam Born: The Decade of Statues
03. Informal Gluttony
04. Sun of Nothing
05. Ants of the Sky
06. Prequel to the Sequel
07. Viridian
08. White Walls

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