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The Warriors - Genuine Sense of Outrage

The Warriors “Genuine Sense Of Outrage”

The Warriors - Genuine Sense of OutrageWith a new label at their disposal, The Warriors are back with their follow-up to “Beyond The Noise”, entitled “Genuine Sense Of Outrage”. This new effort is a step in the right direction from a band already following a solid path to success. “Genuine Sense Of Outrage” is just that, a true to life album of pure anger. The Warriors have always made it a commitment to make sure they have meaningful lyrics with hard hitting metalcore/hardcore music. “Genuine Sense Of Outrage” is no different, however they are a stronger, more redefined band with their current lineup.

At the vocal front of the band is Marshall Lichtenwaldt, bringing you the hardcore screams and punk rock outbursts we have all come to expect. However his voice is a lot more than that. He makes sure you can here and understand every growl he outputs. Since The Warriors are a strong lyrical band, he makes sure to get his point across.

Guitar work is done by Charlie Alvarez and Javier Zarate. This, I feel is where The Warriors have changed the most since “War Is Hell” and “Beyond The Noise”. “Genuine Sense Of Outrage” has a much more pure metal sound to it with some short but catchy solos and excellent riffs. You can definitely see some earlier hardcore roots in the guitar work as well as some modern roots. This creates a unique touch to the music. Matt Anderson helms the drums and they are solid hardcore rooted beats. Lots of snare work as well as some great, catchy beats keep your head banging. Most bassists go unnoticed by everyone (I know shame on us reviewers), but Danny Lopez really does an excellent job following face with the guitar work and putting together some strong bass work to dance to.

With songs ranging from heavily influenced mid-late 90’s hardcore to a more modern metalcore root, the album seems to flow nicely. Some of the best tracks on the album are ‘Life Grows Cold’ and ‘Your Time Is Near’, however this albums works great from 1-13. “Genuine Sense Of Outrage” shows the rage that has built up within the five men of the The Warriors.

The Warriors are built around their vocalist Marshall; no ifs, ands, or buts. His vocal attack on the world is executed in pleasant and refreshing way; however the rest of the band has also found themselves to help make the album a full musical assault. If you are looking for some late 90’s sounding Snapcase music with a modern metal edge, and yes, some Rage influence, The Warriors are a band to check out. This hasn’t left my CD player for a few weeks now.

01. The Ruthless Sweep
02. Life Grows Cold
03. The Stone Grinds
04. Price Of Punishment
05. Genuine Sense Of Outrage
06. Destroying Cenodoxus
07. New Sun Rising
08. Your Time Is Near
09. Silence Is Bliss
10. Nothing Lasts
11. Belly
12. Odium Vice
13. Mankind Screams

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