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Through The Eyes Of The Dead “Malice”

Through the Eyes of the Dead - MaliceThrough The Eyes Of The Dead are back with their second album on Prosthetic Records, entitled “Malice”. The album has already hit shelves and it should be just a matter of time before people start flocking to the release. “Malice” picks up right where “Bloodlust” left off, however Through The Eyes Of The Dead have definitely found themselves with a true sound, and that sound is brutal. With the somewhat frequent lineup changes Through The Eyes Of The Dead have encountered none could have effected the band more than Anthony Gunnells leaving/being removed from the band before the recording process of “Malice”. Lucky for them, Nate Johnson (Premonitions of War, Deadwater Drowning) has more than just fit in, he has single-handedly made this band a front runner in the heavy metal world.

“Malice” brings you what appears to be the direction the band has wanted to find throughout their 5 year career. Each release brought them a step closer to a deeper, darker, more complete sound. Through The Eyes Of The Dead have always been a band on the line of death metal and metalcore, but I just feel the lineup today has made this band that much more of a focus point for the scene, although “Bloodlust” was not too shabby either. “Malice” is truly a sophomore effort, and it shows. With brutal songs like ‘Failure In The Flesh’ and ‘To Wage War’ they have found a much more graceful brutality.

Justin and Chris do an excellent job keeping the guitars sounding fresh with some solos, solid riffs and ever changing rhythm. The drums are still the heartbeat of Through The Eyes Of The Dead. Josh does an excellent job keeping us wondering how they produce such brutal blast beats. Vocally, Nate is just what TTEOTD needed, bringing powerful, brutal vocals ranging from thrashy sounding to straight up death metal grunts. All in all, the music on this album is something to be very impressed with.

Songs like ‘As Good As Dead’ and ‘To The Ruins’ shows the band’s direction towards perfection. This is an album for all to enjoy, and if you haven’t seen Through The Eyes Of The Dead live you should. They are a great act, and a great band for Prosthetic Records.

01. Failure In The Flesh
02. The Undead Parade
03. To Wage A War
04. A Catastrophe of Epic Proportions
05. As Good As Dead
06. Welcome To The Wasteland
07. Malice
08. To The Ruins
09. Dead End Roads
10. Interlude
11. Pull The Trigger

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