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Evergreen Terrace “Wolfbiker”

Evergreen Terrace - WolfbikerMetal Blade Records decided to sign the ever furious hardcore/punk/metal act Evergreen Terrace a little while ago. With about 750 albums under their belts (might be a bit of an exaggeration), they figured they might still have some guts in them. Well Wolfbiker is something to take to the streets and scream out loud. This is another classic from Evergreen Terrace, who already have a bunch of full lengths, a cover album, and I’m sure a bunch more under their belts already. This release may be their most mature, technically sound album to date.

Andrew handles the vocal assault well. He carries with him a soft mellow sound as well as a truly powerful hardcore punk growl. This isn’t The Red Chord growl, this is a cross of something between a metalcore growl and The Casualties screams. Next up is Craig and Josh on guitars. The guitars are not overly technical; however for the genre they do carry a lot of uniqueness to them. They have seemed to focus more on creating technically sound rhythms, which is always appreciated. Everything from ‘Bad Energy Troll’ to ‘The Damned’ seems to flow like a never-ending story. Drumming follows suit perfectly as well. Kyle does a great job keeping the metalcore kids in check with his much more influenced hardcore punk beats.

This album is definitely one of the better Evergreen Terrace releases, and will be a solid seller for Metal Blade as well. I would recommend this to anyone who has heard them or anyone who hasn’t. It is good to hear a unique sound every now and then in the metal community. Evergreen Terrace blend together styles from the past, present, and future to create their unique sound and it shows. Tracks like ‘Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton’ and ‘To The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville’ show off the bands outlandish vocals and lyrics, technical talent and ability to satisfy the metal craving we all need while staying true to a punk sound. Pick it up bitches!

01. Bad Energy Troll
02. High Tide Or No Tide
03. Wolfbiker
04. Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton
05. Where There Is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline
06. Rip This!
07. Starter
08. To The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville
09. Rolling Thunder Metal Madness
10. The Damned

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