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Elysia “Masochist”

Elysia - MasochistThere is a point in every musician’s life where they are in some terrible garage band that just sucks. Everyone has done it, even myself (we still could have made millions damn it!). Usually these bands last for a couple months, maybe a year, play a few shows if they are lucky, and then break up because you’re 16, you suck, and your drummer just stole your girlfriend. So what actually happens when you’re 16 and it works out? Well I am not 100% sure, but Elysia sure as hell know. And by work out, I mean quite possibly release the most brutal album of year, or even the decade. In fact I am thinking about removing the word brutal from all of my previous reviews (of course, because of laziness I will not) because they do not stand up to Elysia.

The members of Elysia range from 16 – 18, or at least initial reports speculate (i.e. signing to Ferret press release), so when this came out they were between the ages of 15 – 17. To be so young and so angry can only tell you one thing, they live in a Bush era where oil prices skyrocket and emo kids are slitting their wrists hour after hour in despair because of a bad haircut. That being said they are also one of the most lyrically sound bands of the current scene. And what scene might I be talking about? Let’s see, 16 – 18 years old, I would have to guess metalcore. Dead wrong. Death metal/grindcore/math. Oh ya, and looking at the promo pictures of these guys you would guess they were emo. So I guess it’s time to get into the review.

Masochist is Elysia’s first release and yes, the title of the release pretty much tells you what type of ride you are in for. Picture this album as a full on dominatrix beating the piss out of you while you’re tied naked to a tree on the side of the highway. This CD is so true, so heartfelt, so terrifying, and so brutal that it really brings you down to how shitty this world is. This is all started by Zak Vargas, behind the mic. Holy shit is all I have to say. Sticking to mostly death metal growls with a little Carcass sound every now and then, he fits in perfectly. He is but a young boy and produces such a vicious attack. And lyrically, this is truly one masterminded team. Violent lyrics, true to life and just pure hate. When you listen you really want to kill someone. With death metal breakdowns (ya I didn’t know they existed either) to lyrics like “For every child touched by her tainted tongue. For every orgasm that’s reached my ears. For every night children lay to dream of her lust, she’ll be fucked to death. Get fucked to death, that fucking bitch is gonna pay. She’s heartless, she’s empty, she’s hollow. All substance traded for superficiality. She can crawl into my bed but she can never crawl into my heart”. You may be thinking that they are just angry and not thought-out. Well here is another entire song, called ‘Malignancy’. You can truly see how aggressive they are, but yet truly brilliant at times.

“The human species would thrive better in isolation, retarded, and without the capability of annunciation. How would we interact with one another? With joy and happiness. So could it be that what’s inferior is really superior? A supreme being? Socialization is a form of regression. Therefore the measure is nonexistent for progression. This world can’t bring me to my knees when it’s dead to me. Our society’s apathy will never get the best of me. So I live in confinement because this is bullshit, I repent. I look at a crowd of empty faces, kids who just don’t give a shit. Free thought is scorned upon. If you’re a victim you’re a pawn. Can’t cut loose with no excuse. Unaccountable, we’re enslaved and can’t be saved when we believe, “Everything happens for a reason.” To not accept our fate is moral treason. We turn a blind eye to the problems of man because it’s all part of gods “master plan.” Centuries of religious archetypes is how this all began. We must break free from the shackles of thought to fucking understand. That our fear of death is what fucking kills us. We’re slaves to our gods and we can never be free of the tyranny of bigotry within the bourgeoisie, where a system based on greed is fucking drowning me. Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean the world disappears. We’re truly blind when our imaginations are filled with fears. I believe in myself and my heart, and not religious zealotry that is used to rule you and me, where God is made into a cheap fucking whore. Our lord should deserve more, so I broke free from these fallacies. I don’t need a savior because I saved myself.”

Anyways, along with the brutality of Zak, comes the guitar work of Mark and Danny. Both guitarists complement each other well, producing a truly compelling sound. They sound as if they have been playing together for 10 years, yet this is a first album. From the breakdowns to the grind speed, they bring everything together well. Steven follows along to no one on drums either. Each beat is put together with precision and everything comes together in the end. His blasts beats are great; his small solos are great as well.

All in all Elysia, who have recently signed with Ferret, are an amazing band that only has the sky to look forward to. I just hope they can capture the raw anger yet again. This is by far a band that can become the next massively successful death metal/grind band, and I am not talking about Job For A Cowboy, more along the lines of Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, and so forth. A true 10+ year band if nothing comes between the group of tight knit kids. This is one of the best of the last few years, and definitely the best from the death/grind scene. Every song on this CD has a purpose and a plan, every song on this CD is equally as good. Buy this if you can find it.

Move over Job For A Cowboy.

01. Disgust
02. Masochist
03. Filthy
04. Malignancy
05. Triumph
06. Theocracy
07. Xenophobia
08. Incinerate
09. Sadist
10. Swine

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