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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour with Ryan Parrish

Thrash Magazine: First and foremost, state your names, what you do in Darkest Hour and a brief run down of the history of the band

Ryan From Darkest Hour: My name is Ryan, I play drums. The band has been around for ten years and through a few members. We have five full length albums and have toured extensively for the past eight years.

Thrash Magazine: Darkest Hour have been creating extreme music for close to 10 years now, obviously their has been tremendous growth throughout this time. How do you feel the band has grown? Any major set backs, are you happy with where you are now?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: With every record the band grows musically. We all try to push ourselves on our individual instruments and strive to put out a record that is better than the one before it. We haven’t had any major set backs lately and we are completely satisfied with where we are.

Thrash Magazine: How long did Deliver Us take to record?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: It took us about 1 1/2 months to record it.

Thrash Magazine:Any setbacks, positive outcomes, anything crazy happen during the recording?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: The entire process was a positive one. The vibe was exciting and everyone was creating and contributing. We were all very involved with the recording. Nothing really crazy, just a bit of drinkin’.

Thrash Magazine: What should fans expect from Deliver Us? Victory Records hyped the hell out of your last effort, comparing it to a “best of the decade” type release, which in my eyes met that, but following such a big footstep of perfection, how will Deliver Us compare?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: Fans should expect classic DH just better! Melodies, atmosphere, energy with awesome lyrics. deliver us may not be the album of the decade, but in our opinion it is better than undoing ruin and as long as we progress, we are happy!

Thrash Magazine: How has Darkest Hour grown since Undoing Ruin?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: We have grown musically and our song writing has improved dramatically.

Thrash Magazine: What was the direction of Deliver Us?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: The direction? We just wanted to write a record we were proud of. We had no set idea or direction; we just got into a room and hammered out ideas. Deliver us is what we got!

Thrash Magazine: The title is definitely a deep title, what was the reasons behind the title Deliver Us?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: It just summed up the theme of the record…(see next question)

Thrash Magazine: Is their an overall message on the new album?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: The theme of the album is based around the apocalypse, the end of the world. I guess the overall message is everything comes to an end.

Thrash Magazine: When did the writing process start for the new album? Are their songs on here from 2005 after you started touring on Undoing Ruin, or is everything relatively new?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: The writing process started with our guitar players just recording riffs at home. They were doing it right after undoing ruin, so yeah some of the ideas are from 2005. But the actual riffs and ideas change quite a bit once you get all of us in a room. It’s cool, we get a good place to start and then build it from there.

Thrash Magazine: What are the tour plans already lined up?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: We are going to Europe with as i lay dying, and Himsa in September. Then, a US tour with Unearth in October.

Thrash Magazine: Any music video plans?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: Nothing right now.

Thrash Magazine: You have been with the Victory family for awhile now, how has that been?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: Its been good. We know each other and how each other work so well, its nice to have that with a label.

Thrash Magazine: What type of personal reflections, media, entertainment went into Deliver Us? Things definitely happened in the last 2 years with this band; did any of this tie into the new record?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: I think victory just saw how our music has progressed and they got really excited. Its awesome when your label has that much faith in your band and your music.

Thrash Magazine: Anything else you would like to add?

Ryan From Darkest Hour: Thanks for the interview and hopefully we will see all you dh dudes/dudettes later this year in the circle pit!

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