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The Red Chord - Prey For Eyes

The Red Chord “Prey For Eyes”

The Red Chord - Prey For EyesThe Red Chord have been hard at work trying to conjure up something innovative and fresh to top the solid release of Clients. Well I think they have done it. Although I would call ‘Clients’ a more chaotic record, ‘Prey For Eyes’ is just pure brutality. Each song has more of a structured metal/grind sound and also sounds more mature. However to follow that on the flipside, it almost sounds more like ‘Fused Together…’. The band has definitely grown leaps and bounds between each release, this just has more of a structured sound to it like ‘Fused Together…’.

Musically and vocally this is their best effort to date hands down. Everything flows together well. Even during the most technical grind moments, this album truly shines where other grind/metal acts fail. The guitars, driven by Mike McKenzie, are amazing. He seems to brush an 80’s thrash sound to an ever growing modern grind sound. Fusing this together creates a unique output that helps make The Red Chord a band of their own. The drumming, handled by the brutal Brad Fickeisen, is just as note worthy. From blast beats to drum solos and just pure mayhem, he never skips a beat. In comes Guy Kozowyk, a metal god among modern metal/hardcore. Aside from having a great death growl and a solid grind scream, he just brings up the chaos with his crazy lyrics and violent attempts to scream them. As a side note, I also admire people like Guy or Matt (from Killwhitneydead) who spend 100% of their time devoted to what they love in metal as well as 100% of their time to helping new bands find the light with a label. This is truly a great work of art both musically and vocally.

With tracks like ‘It Came From Over There’ showing the bands true progression in sound to songs of just pure chaos like ‘Film Critiques And Militia Men’ this is an album for new and old fans. I will also note that seeing the raw energy this band brings to the table day-in and day-out touring is a sight to see. I have seen them over 10 times (living in MA myself) and have never once been disappointed. I am always excited to go. Personally my favorite songs off this album are ‘It Came From Over There’, ‘Birdbath’, and ‘Bone Needle’. However each song brings a unique touch to the album. The grind bar has been raised yet again by little old The Red Chord.

01. Film Critiques And Militia Men
02. Dread Prevailed
03. It Runs In The Family
04. Send The Death Storm
05. Pray For Eyes
06. Responsibilities
07. Midas Touch
08. Tread On The Neck Of Kings
09. It Came From Over There
10. Intelligence Has Been Compromised
11. Open Eyed Beast Attack
12. Birdbath
13. Bone Needle
14. Seminar

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