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Despised Icon “The Ills of Modern Man”

Despised Icon - Ills of Modern ManDespised Icon have stepped up the extreme metal scene quite nicely with ‘The Ills of Modern Man’. Based out of Montreal, Despised Icon is comprised of members from Neuraxis, In Dying Days, and Heaven’s Cry. Formed in 2002, Despised Icon has never looked back. This marks their 3rd full length effort, following up ‘Consumed by Your Poison’ and ‘The Healing Process’.

More commonly known for having two vocalists, Despised Icon have grown to be a true contender in the scene with a growth in popularity after their Century debut came out. Alexandre and Steve mix together well, with one covering the mid range screams and yelps and the other having more slow and devastating growls. You will not get any singing out of this duo, just some grade A growls and screams.

The guitar work is handled by Al and Eric. Fusing together speed and slow, beat the piss out of your neighbor riffs, they do a solid job. It reminds me of a hardcore version of Dying Fetus, if that makes any sense. Needless to say, it rocks. Drummer Alexandre blasts with the best of them as well. From the slow grungy stuff to the fast blast beats, he never misses a beat.

The more you listen to ‘The Ills of Modern Man’ the more talent you will see in this band. Each song brings you crushing evidence that the extreme metal scene is nowhere near dead. This is head banging music at its best. Songs like “Furtive Monologue” and “Oval Shaped Incisions” show off the band’s true art form. Despised Icon are also an amazing act live, bringing forth the true ferocity of the album to the stage. This is not an album for the weak, but for fans of a breakdown friendly death metal approach.

01. In The Arms Of Perdition
02. Furtive Monologue
03. Quarantine
04. The Ills Of Modern Man
05. A Fractured Hand
06. Sheltered Reminiscence
07. Nameless
08. Tears Of The Blameless
09. Oval Shaped Incisions
10. Fainted Blue Ornaments

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