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Chimaira “Resurrection”

Chimaira - ResurrectionChimaira’s newest effort, ‘Resurrection’ is something of little change. This is the band’s fourth studio album and it looks as if they went away from the great progression they made on the self titled.

Chimaira have always been a Roadrunner metal band, unfortunately nothing more, nothing less. Their sound has heavy hooks, throaty vocals, and every beat that could sell a record thrown into one. On their last effort Chimaira must have said something to the likes of, “Damn it guys, we need to make some music with our talented fingers, not more of this sub-par metal,” and they did. The album was not a big success but it was their best effort by far, tying in guitar solos, crushing vocals, and solid drumming. It was a true heavy metal album.

Now in comes Ferret Style, to sweep them off their Roadrunner Records ways. Hell, I would pick up a band with that kind of change and growth. ‘Resurrection’ is a blend of old and new, which is the disappointing part. The album is well done, but it is just missing the spark of the last effort. Solos are present, but not nearly as much. The vocals are just like usual, solid (I love Mark’s scream, very deep and brutal). Drumming is typical of Chimaira, which means solid and fast.

Songs like “Pleasure In Pain” and “Needle” show the promise this band brought to Ferret Style. It shows the growth this band has endured and the growth within a good-great metal act. But then you have songs that just feel sloppy, almost like they went to the studio with 5 tracks made instead of 20 like a normal band would bring to the table.

This album is not a bad effort, just a disappointing one to me. I am very over critical of Chimaira because I have followed them since their wee days before Roadrunner Records. They have always intrigued me. I don’t think this album will disappoint too many people, especially past fans of Chimaira, but this is not their best work.

01. Resurrection
02. Pleasure In Pain
03. Worthless
04. Six, No Reason To Live, Killing The Beast
05. The Flame
06. End It All
07. Black Heart
08. Needle
09. Empire

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