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Beneath The Sky “What Demons Do To Saints”

Beneath The Sky - What Demons Do to SaintsVictory Records was shooting to get some solid releases out this year, and I think its working. Among one of those releases was Beneath The Sky’s heart stopping release ‘What Demons Do To Saints’. This is some brutal stuff right here.

Each song gets more crushing as you go throughout the album. Beneath The Sky is an extreme metal act, nothing crazy special or boring, just straight up extreme metal. If you are a fan of bands like Between The Buried And Me (without the soft stuff), Emmure (another power-hungry Victory band), and so forth you will definitely dig them.

I think his voice reminds me a lot of The Agony Scene. Vocalist Joey does a good job in between screams, shrieks, and growls; nothing soft. The music is the same. Guitars are driven by Jeff and Chris; and drums are followed with Brandon. The guitar work is very straightforward dark metal while the drumming is a mix of black metal and hardcore/metalcore.

Although this is not an album to encourage a new generation of music, this is a solid metalcore/extreme metal album in a struggling scene. Bands like this can only help rejuvenate the scene. Some of my favorite tracks include the brutal “Goodfellas”, and “Last Call” where he shows off a lot more of his death metal growls.

Pick this up if you want some new flare in metalcore.

01. Goodfellas
02. For Each Remembered Name
03. Grave Mistake
04. Last Call
05. 7861
06. No Such Thing As Control
07. Our Last Road
08. The Reason
09. Being In A Coma Is Hell Carried On
10. Falling In Love With Cold Hands
11. The Glamour of Corruption

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