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All Out War - Assassinations in the House of God

All Out War “Assassins In The House Of God”

All Out War - Assassinations in the House of GodAll Out War have been in the extreme metal scene for quite some time now. They have been ripping through the scene with releases like ‘Condemned To Suffer’ and ‘For Those Who Were Crucified’. It has been nearly 4 years since a new album has been released, and they know how to keep you waiting.

Coming off the solid release of ‘Condemned To Suffer’ there really wasn’t much they could improve on. However ‘Assassins In The House Of God’ is one hell of a brutal assault. Gone are the infrequent breakdowns occasionally found on the previous release. They have been replaced by faster drums, more technical guitars, and the one and only scary as hell screamer, Mike.

All Out War’s newest effort brings together some of the heaviest music you can hear. Think Burn The Priest days or December, this is the speed in which this album turns. Each song gets more and more brutal as you go as well. By the end of the audiophile delight, all you can do is put it back in for round 2 or 3.

The guitarists, Jim and Jim, bring to mind days of December (the band). Very fast, very thrash, and some pretty good licks. Drumming on the other hand brings to mind days of Lamb of God’s ‘Black Label’. The drummer uses some precision in combination with his speed to create an overall solid sound. Vocally and lyrically this one will tear you a new one. Frontman Mike does not leave any gravestone unturned in this outing.

This is for older AOW fans as well as new fans of bands that could not play Ozzfest. Brutality is their number one concern, and ‘Assassins In The House Of God’ proves they mean business.

01. Curtain Call For The Crucified
02. Behind The Crescent And The Cross
03. FTK (Politics of Apathy)
04. Into The Arms Of Annihilation (Angels Of Genocide)
05. Glorified In Deceit
06. Bow To The Hypocrites (Drenched In Defeat)
07. Initada (Angels of Genocide)
08. Beyond Redemotion
09. When Your Gods Have Failed
10. Cursed In Damnation (And All Shall Suffer)

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