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Deadlock - Wolves

Deadlock “Wolves”

Deadlock  - WolvesOne of the greatest kept secrets of the past 8 or so years has been the German band known as Deadlock. Crossing together many forms of music as well as being able to play with the highest level of ability is what they do. Fusing together the lines of hardcore, black metal, some thrash, and finally classical, Deadlock emerge from that mass of destruction.

Deadlock emerged in 1999 with a 7″ s/t release. Since then we have seen some of the most influential music come from this small band. Great releases like ‘I’ll Wake You, When Spring Awakes’ in 2000 and ‘The Arrival’ in 2002 have sparked notable interest in fans and music gurus throughout the world. Deadlock conforms outside the lines of conventional metal. They do not write for labels, they write for themselves. Songs range from 3 – 10 minutes approaching every musical alley they want to approach; whether it be traditional hardcore, straight up black metal, or classical music, Deadlock does not care. Then came ‘Earth.Revolt’ in 2005. The band definitely took their sound to the next level of complexity while finding a bit of an overall sound, basically forming a complete Deadlock appeal. Although all forms of music were still present, ‘Earth.Revolt’ saw the creation of a complete band.

Fast-forward to 2007 and ‘Wolves’ has been released. The complete sound of ‘Earth.Revolt’ has been redesigned with the addition of Sabine Weniger. They have the same musical abilities and sound, although even more growth is clear. Recruiting Sabine as a full time member has again changed the sound of Deadlock in another positive direction. This is the fullest band to come around in ages. ‘Wolves’ solidifies this theory of mine, as it should to anyone else who gets a copy of it.

Deadlock are not a metal band. They are not a hardcore band. They are not a rock band. Deadlock are a musical experience. Lyrically, musically, vocally, Deadlock are nothing but amazing. They are as tight, if not more tight-sounding than Children of Bodom. Both Sebastian and Gert do an amazing job combining soft subtle guitars with massive hooks and great metal guitar solos good enough to go against the likes of the best guitarists of past and present. Drums are no exception. Tobias has the speed of a champion, and the technicality of the best out there. And for once they have a bassist who doesn’t always just follow. Thomas is skilled at playing with or without the guitarists. The metal genre in general lacks this ability from 99% of the bands out there.

Vocally, Sabine and Johannes counter act each other perfectly. Johannes has a complex voice to unravel. It almost sounds like a black metal singer doing old school hardcore if that makes any sense. You will understand it once you hear it, and it is great. Along with that, he also has some deep growls and death screams. Sabine adds a softer singing side to a brutal CD. Her voice is amazing, blowing out of the water any hard rock competition (i.e. – Evanescence, Krypteria).

Deadlock are a band of many thoughts and strong compassions, which can be great or bad. Personally even if I don’t agree with a band’s beliefs I love to hear the extra passion. Some of this passion comes out on songs like “Crown of Creation”, a song from my understanding about how all life is equal not just human’s.

All in all Deadlock are an amazing band, and this is nothing shy of the best release of the year from any band. Everything is on key and perfect, and I can not wait to hear more from Sabine as she grows into her new full time role in Deadlocks future.

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