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The 69 Eyes with Jussi 69

Thrash Magazine: If you could please start off with a brief introduction, i.e. – who we are talking to, what you do in The 69Eyes and a brief history of the band themselves.

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Yo what´s up Thrash people! I´m Jussi 69, the drummer of the 69 Eyes. We´re about to hit US for the third time, now with our new album, “Angels” under our wings.

Thrash Magazine: You will be touring with Wednesday 13 this time around, are you looking forward to having him apart of the tour?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: They´re very good friends of ours, we had them with us in Europe a couple of months ago and it was mayhem! It´s so much fun to tour with them and I honestly don´t see them as a support band, I see it as a great Horror,Vampire Rock´n Roll package and we´ll be bringing a big ass party to all over US! I´ve known Wed for years, He´s very cool dude and i´m a big fan of everything he has done.

Thrash Magazine: You guys have toured across America a few times, what has been the best stop along the way? Also, what other locations other than America have you played? What has been your favorite, and which places would you most want to play?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: We love to tour in America, that´s where all this got started so it´s amazing to be able to tour there. My favourites..? Oh man,N.Y.,L.A.,Chicago is always a blast, not to forget Dallas where Mr.Vinnie Paul shows you how to party!! When it comes to other places I feel like we´ve been everywhere,it´s like only China and Australia is left,ha,ha. I mean only 2005 we hit 17 countries, so I don´t even know where we´ve been! I love Japan and Mexico so I can´t wait to go there again!

Thrash Magazine: Back to the current tour though, any big plans or surprises you think the fans will enjoy?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Well, in Europe we had everybody from Wednesday on stage doing Search And Destroy with us, their drummer Racci was naked and tried to jump on me but he fell and landed on my drums and cut himself really bad, blood everywhere and so on…like I said,MAYHEM!! So I´m sure we´ll come up with shit like that this time too, it´s gonna be fun!!

Thrash Magazine: On to the album, what do you classify your music as? I would definitely put it into a rock/horror sound, with some solid southern influence as well…maybe that is just me though.

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: We´re definitely influenced by bunch of movies from horror shit to the Lost Boys (obviously).so blend that to vampire books, put in some Danzig,Mötley,the Cult, the Sisters Of Mercy and Elvis and you´ll get the picture what we´re all about.

Thrash Magazine: How has the success been off of the album? More than you expected, less? Any plans or new songs written for future releases? I know the album did just come out though.

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Back home it went right to number one and gold in couple of weeks so it was a good start. Having nice buzz all over the world so there´s nothing to complain about! And as I said it´s great finally to be able to tour in USA.Life´s so good that Helsinki Vampires really need to wear those shades, hah ha.

Thrash Magazine: Was this a predetermined naming scheme? Devils in 2005, now Angels? Do the albums follow a certain pattern as well together?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Totally! But I´m not coming out with the title of the third part of the trilogy.

Thrash Magazine: Where and why did you come up with the name The 69 Eyes?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Friend of ours from New York came up with the name back in the day even before we had the band. It got stuck in our heads and I still think it sounds good and looks cool on the posters.

Thrash Magazine: What do you have for future tours planned out? Anything yet set in stone?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: touring touring never boring! Seriously the plan is to go all over and everywhere an all over again a year from now.

Thrash Magazine: Any plans for music videos anytime soon?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: We´ve done two videos for the album, now there´s been some talk with Bam Margera again about shoothing the next one with him. We´ll know more soon.

Thrash Magazine: How do you think you have grown since Devils?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Well,at least my blisters in my hands got huge .

Thrash Magazine: What drives The 69 Eyes to make music you love?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Never ending rock´n´roll adventure.

Thrash Magazine: We cover and review horror movies as well, so we need to through this one in for good measures…Are you a horror fan? If so, some of your favorites, least favorites, films yourecommend..etc etc?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Like I said earlier we are influenced by bunch of cool horror shit. We even have songs titled as House by the Semetary, Fright Night, and so on…So there you go. Least favourites, all I can say haven´t been into NEW horror movies at all lately.

Thrash Magazine: Anything else you would like to add?

Jussi from The 69 Eyes: Never say die!

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