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The Confession “Requiem”

The Confession - RequiemJust when things couldn’t get any worse for the Avenged Sevenfold crew and the metal community (notice how I said “the metal community”, since A7X are technically growing by leaps and bounds) our dearest of friends Matt Shadows has produced an album from a band named The Confession.

Usually I do some research on a band’s history, members names, etc for a review but I have decided to skip all of that and base this review on assumptions alone (aside from the music that is, since I was subjected to listen to this).

The Confession is, well, a tribute band for Avenged Sevenfold. Which I guess makes sense for A7X since they are just trying to make their name bigger and bigger. Although the song names are different, and some of the lyrics are different, The Confession are a cover band I swear. And why would you cover a band that is only 5-10 years old? Who the hell knows, but they don’t even do a good job at it.

Through all the terrible riffs and shitty vocals, at least Avenged Sevenfold can hold a note. The Confession just sound like a garage band with overproduced attempts to make themselves sound like a better garage band. In fact it utterly disappoints me to know that bands this bad exist. The guitar work sounds like a 12 year old who bought an A7X tab book and taught himself guitar last week. The vocals are very washed out, almost as if they were scared to try, knowing M. Shadows would come to their vocal rescue and produce the shit out of it to hide the fact that they suck. It is not everyday that I completely hate on a band for even if I don’t like them I know someone else might, and that is the goal of music. However The Confession are a band that needs to quit as soon as possible. This is a disgrace to every band out there touring their asses off trying to make it releasing quality, heartfelt music.

The only positive aspect this band has is the drummer. Apparently he has been playing for at least a week. He is not good, but not bad either. You can see some of his work throughout the album. Unfortunately since it is an A7X cover band, the emphasis is on the vocals and not the drum work. There is not one good song on this CD. Each one sounds like a new version of Beast and the Harlot.

Avenged Sevenfold are forming a new breed of trash music, and unfortunately these bands are allowed to play. If you know me, you know how much I hate emo and well, I would rather slit my wrists to emo than subject myself, my family, or my friends to this utter trash that I can’t even call a band.

01. Burn the Virgin
02. Through These Eyes
03. Dance with the Devil
04. Time Is Gone
05. Jealousy
06. End Is Near
07. Dead Man Walking
08. Requiem
09. Rise and Fall
10. No Angel

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  1. Apparently you can´t distinguish good music know the rest stop hearing Justin Bieber! Put on the headphones again, pay attention and you’ll see that both Avenged Sevenfold and The conffession are great bands!

    Your whole review is rubbish … !

    Al parecer no sabes distinguir buena música del resto … deja de escuhar Justin Bieber !! Ponte los audífonos de nuevo, Pon atención y verás que tanto Avenged Sevenfold, como The conffession son bandas Geniales !!!

    Toda tu reseña es una basura … !

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