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Freya - Lift the Curse

Freya “Lift the Curse”

Freya - Lift the CurseFreya are back, and back with a bang. After a long wait (at least it was for me) ‘Lift the Curse’ has been released. This album combines all the things you loved in past Freya-style releases, and adds a lot more hardcore vocals.

‘Lift the Curse’ is much throatier to say the least. Compared to ‘As The Last Light Drains’, this album may as well be an early Hatebreed CD (and I don’t mean that in a bad way since Hatebreed is atrocious now). Freya’s front-man, Karl has been doing this for awhile now and it shows in his abilities. Vocally, this album is a step up from the scream/raspy singing in the older albums.

Freya has also taken to the occasional guitar solo, which is very new to them. The solos are not overused or a straight up Manowar CD by any means, but for hardcore punk this album has some killer licks. Guitarist Jeddie and Erick sure knows how to please this reviewer, between the catchy hardcore punk grooves and his ability to switch it up on the fly its great.

This is another solid release from Victory Records who have not failed this year to date. Tracks like “Only The Martyrs” and “Lift The Curse” truly show off the abilities of Freya as a whole. This album is for fans of old and new Freya alike, bands like Earth Crisis, Mad Ball, and stuff like that. Freya is nothing innovative, just hardcore punk done how it is supposed to be done.

01. Threads Of Life
02. Suffer Not One
03. Only The Martyrs
04. Down To The Last
05. Through The Eyes Of The Angel Of Death
06. Alleviate
07. Lift The Curse
08. Lilith
09. Born In Blood
10. War Pigs

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