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A Perfect Murder - War of Aggression

A Perfect Murder “War of Aggression”

A Perfect Murder - War of AggressionA Perfect Murder are back yet again with a new form of raw heavy metal, just like ‘Strength Through Vengeance’. They have come a long way since their days as a hardcore act. They have seen many lineup changes, and have endured the test of time that many a band fall through on; yet they still keep going. Back again with ‘War of Aggression’ they have returned to their newest roots in metal and have stepped it up a level.

Nothing about this album is friendly. From the battle cries of songs like “Enemy Of Mine” to the violent outbursts on “Sadist”, this is one heavy fucking album. Kevin Randal has stepped in to create some strong crossover vocals of hardcore and metal. He crosses the lines of Since The Flood and Lamb of God. His voice is definitely a groundbreaking touch to A Perfect Murder. Carl and Kyrill are here to pummel you on guitars, ripping you around each corner of heavy metal. You have some simple solos, some hooks, some powerful breakdowns, and some complex solos… What more could you ask for? Songs like “Fortunate Son” really show off some of the solid production and guitar work on this album. Drum work is also solid. From the blast beats to the fast bass pedal work, this is one heavy album.

A Perfect Murder were a solid hardcore band. They were a solid cross over band. Now they are a truly formed metal act that stands up against todays biggest and best. Always angry, always fast, this album will not let you rest. My personal favorites are: “Legion Of Doom”, “War Of Aggression”, and “In Hell”, although this whole album flows well together. This brings me to my final point. Victory Records have done an excellent job with this band. Helping them get good production quality, and booking some great tours. More and more people will find a liking to A Perfect Murder with ‘War Of Aggression’.

All in all, would your grandmother enjoy A Perfect Murder? Most likely not. She would probably rather eat her own shit. But then again granny isn’t supposed to like them; you are and you will.

01. War Of Aggression
02. Enemy Of Mine
03. Label Me
04. Within
05. In Hell
06. Rapture
07. Disconnect
08. Sadist
09. Fortunate Son
10. Legion Of Doom

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