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The Locust - New Erections

The Locust “New Erections”

The Locust - New ErectionsThe Locust have done it again, and by that I mean they have managed to release another short as hell album of music that doesn’t make sense or go together sound good. ‘New Erections’ is just that, a new form of Locust that will keep you bumping and jumping and wanting some more 10 second songs of pure, uncontrollable violence.

However where the Locust fail to me is capturing their live energy on this recording. Music like this requires a live performance to go along with it. Although I am sure fans of the Locust will disagree ‘New Erections’, unlike previous efforts, does not appear to capture this moment for me.

The album is solid, simple yet complex, and just plain crazy, but it has a recorded album feel. Songs like “God Wants Us All To Work in Factories” and “Full Frontal Obscurity” could be great live tunes, but are just ok recorded tunes. The guitar work is quirky at times, but still complex and solid. The vocals are that of the Locust, I like them, but about 9000 other people won’t.

As long as the Locust are doing what they love this is a solid effort. However they are still just as hard to like as before and I feel this is just a horizontal move since ‘Safety Second, Body Last’. Nothing majorly impressive on this release, but then again nothing bad either.

2. We Have Reached an OfficialVerdict: Nobody Gives a Shit
3. The Unwilling…Led By the Unqualified…Doing the Unnecessary…For the Ungrateful
4. One Manometer Away FromMutually Assured Relocation
5. Full Frontal Obscurity
6. Scavenger, Invader
7. Hot Tubs Full of Brand New Fuel
8. God Wants Us All To Work in Factories
9. Book of Bot
10. Slum Service (Served on the Sly)
11. Tower of Mammal

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