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Emmure “Goodbye To The Gallows”

Emmure - Goodbye to the GallowsEmmure’s first effort on Victory Records, entitled ‘Goodbye To The Gallows’, is a fast paced crash course in violence. From the start to the finish, this album brings you down a journey of death and doesn’t give up for one moment.

What I like about Emmure could be what some criticize them for. Emmure do not try to reinvent the wheel. They are heavy metalcore music along with the likes of Between The Buried And Me (less random though) or other extreme acts. What they do try to do, and succeed, is add a little spark to a dying breed of music.

Emmure’s ‘Goodbye To The Gallows’ is a dark path about exes and hate, and the music follows this brutality. The guitar work is very straightforward, produced well, and sounds great. Drums are heavy and brutal and the vocals are great. From the screeches to the growls to the singing, this is one scary album. Songs like “10 Signs You Should Leave” best show the overall range of screams Frank has.

The whole album has a very solid approach. It has Solid production and is a fun album to listen to. Check them out if you want some new sparks brought back to your metalcore world of shame.

1. Ticket for the Paralyzer
2. 10 Signs You Should Leave
3. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
4. Rusted Over Wet Dreams
5. You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
6. Travis Bickle
7. Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
8. Key to Keeping the Show Fresh Is… I’m Dead
9. It’s Not Just a Party, It’s a Funeral
10. When Everything Goes Wrong, Take the Easy Way Out

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