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Killwhitneydead “Hell to Pay”

Killwhitneydead - Hell to PayKillwhitneydead’s second release (both albums were released at the same time) ‘Hell To Pay’ is nothing but another great set of tracks of brutal heavy metal. From the opening movie sample you know you are in for another ride to hell and back.

The opening track, “She, The Devil In The Flesh (This Is Your Warning)”, is a small sample of what is to come throughout the CD. It offers you solos, crushing vocals, and above all violent lyrics and great movie samples. As the album progresses you really see, just like in the other release, true growth in Killwhitneydead. Each song has a lasting appeal that you must hear to understand.

I do like “Nothing Less Nothing More” a bit better, however this is by no means a b-sides album or anything like that. Each album has an overall individual approach and passion to it which is one of the reasons KWD is still a band to be watching. In the Thrash world, they are an underground love. I say they should be a popular choice among all metal heads. “” proves this with brutal guitar licks, solid vocals, and great drumming.

This album is only going to be available online or at KWD shows, so make sure to find this and get it fast. Also this is a band you do not want to miss live. They are playing their second tour this summer and everyone in the metal community should be present; I know I will. Tribunal Records has some true talent on their roster, with KWD leading the pack they hopefully will get the acclaim they deserve.

Overall, “Hell To Pay” is another masterpiece from a band that just seems to never stop. Another must-own.

01. She, The Devil In The Flesh (This Is Your Warning)
02. No Sense Doing It If You Don’t Look Good
03. Let Me Give You A Hand Throwing Yourself Out
04. Kill Them With Kindness
05. I’m Just One Girl I Can’t Fuck The Whole World
06. Your Funeral Wasn’t So Sad After All
07. Two’s A Couple Three’s A Party
08. It’s Been Said That I Have No Soul
09. Only Two Things Wrong With That Plan a) No Smokey b) No Bandit
10. Drinking Makes Me Smarter, I Think
11. Donde Esta La Biblioteca… Perdon, La Discoteque?
(Also Included – Merry Axemas (Bonus Track); Nothing Less Than Hell To Pay: A Short Film)

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