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Killwhitneydead with Matt Rudzinski

Thrash Magazine: So Killwhitneydead have been together for how many years now? Maybe a little background information as well?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: KILLWHITNEYDEAD the project was started almost 5 years ago now, I guess. It’s all been a blur so it’s been hard keeping track of everything since KWD was started as kind of a joke. Not really a joke as in to be funny, but as in we had no expectations of doing anything but the initial EP release. So it all started as an idea I had some years ago, so I guess we can just leave it there for now.

Thrash Magazine: You have gone through some lineup changes and so forth, how has that effected the growth of KWD, good and bad?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: All the line-up changes have been great for the band, and it’s helped it grow over the years. It keeps the blood fresh and the ideas new. The one constant through all of it is me, so that never changes, but I keep getting to work with new and creative minds which is always refreshing and allows for all new creative input and ideas to flow freely and take KWD to another level each time we release new material. The only negative is not getting to work with previous band members anymore although something with KWD is that I always keep the door open for future opportunities to write and record new material with past incarnations of the KWD line-ups.

Thrash Magazine: You did your first official shows and tours last spring/summer…how did the overall vibe go?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Amazing, honestly. Ever since we played our first show its only been getting better and better. On tour naturally we had our crappy shows as all bands do, but then you have your incredible shows as well. Our shows out in California were astonishing and we couldn’t believe how many kids knew our songs and wanting to sing and dance with us. That was very uplifting and helped us through all our van problems and any other troubles we may have come across. Like I say from the stage almost every time we play, KWD has been kept alive by the fan support. If weren’t for them we wouldn’t have made any albums past the first one and now we just released albums 4 and 5. So thanks to them KWD is alive and well.

Thrash Magazine: I know the fans were crazy in New England for you, how about everywhere else?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Nuts. Rochester, Anaheim, Orlando, Reno, San Diego, Azusa and the list could go on and on really. We had so many amazing shows it’s hard to count. Although our North Carolina shows are some of the best, naturally since it’s our home state.

Thrash Magazine: This summers tour, any big plans or suprises you think the fans will enjoy?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: No big surprises just more KWD fun all summer long. Moshing, sing-alongs, stage diving and just all kinds of hardcore spirit. We want to bring back the days of having FUN at hardcore shows. We understand our songs are about violence and crap like that, but it’s all about aggression and letting that out in a group setting. We don’t advocate violence at KWD show since we are all there for the same reasons…”letting loose.” I started KWD to get my inner demons out and I think that is why fans come to the shows, to let loose and get crazy. We want to do that all and have some fun too. People seem to forget we are all in this together, we have to look out for one another at all times. We don’t necessarily have to like one another, but there is no reason to start shit at shows, honestly. If there is too much fighting then shows don’t happen unfortunately like what happened in Vienna. KWD’s “rep” apparently got the show cancelled before we could even get there. We don’t know what kind of “rep” we have, but to have shows get cancelled before we can even show up and show people what we are all about is kind of disheartening. But we shall press on.

Thrash Magazine: This is the second year you have released a double album, although last year it was new samples on the same songs, this year it is 24 different tunes…how did the recording process go, did you hit any road blocks? Did everything go as planned?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: It never goes as planned. It took much longer than expected to record everything and we will never do 2 albums ever again. But all the material came out great we think. Hopefully the fans will enjoy it.

Thrash Magazine: Did you ever expect KWD to become the size it is? With only 3 full lengths out (not including So Pretty So Plastic (KWDMF)) and until last year no touring how do you explain your consistent success?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: I am not really sure how to explain it, but I am thankful every day that it’s happened. It’s allowed me, at my age, to pile into a van and see the country and hopefully next year see the world. I think somehow the honesty in my lyrics allows people to connect with what we are doing. Sure they are violent at times, even “sexist” but I am speaking from my heart. Not all of it is me, per say, since I do write in character sometimes in KWD, but the deep down root of a lot of the songs is from my heart, be that anger or hatred. It’s all still emotion at the core and people can relate to those types of feelings. I have said it before that everyone has had their heart trampled on by another person, and I write the songs about that “what if” scenario. What if you were to extract revenge? What would it be like? Its all fantasy when you get down to it, but KWD allows me a creative output for all the anger that builds up inside my head and heart. I hope KWD allows people to let their anger out in creative ways as well, instead of ways that would get them into trouble otherwise. Hell, the fans could just love our breakdowns and it’s as simple as that maybe? Who really knows.

Thrash Magazine: I think the fans will enjoy thoroughly the new albums coming out, what are your expectations of the album?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: None, I try to keep expectations to a minimum. That is what has allowed KWD to grow into what is has become. So why ruin a good thing by putting expectations on our sales or what we are to sound like for these albums? We just did everything like we have done in the past. We wrote songs that meant something to us and hoped that the fans would come along as well. So we will see what they think.

Thrash Magazine: Will touring ever become a full time job?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Our booking agent would love that to happen. We will see how long we can stay on the road. I know my band mates want it to happen, but I have the label to think about too. I would say for at least the next year or two you will see KWD on the road a lot, after that I am not sure where we will go.

Thrash Magazine: Any plans for music videos anytime soon?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Yes, once we get back from summer touring we are going to knock out a few videos from the new albums, but at the moment our schedules are just too busy to get anything done properly.

Thrash Magazine: What is your favorite album of the two coming out? ‘Hell to Pay’ or ‘Nothing Less, Nothing More’

Matt from Killwhitneydead: That is hard question, naturally I am in control of what songs went on what albums so I am going to pick NLNM, but that is not to say that HTP doesn’t have good songs on it because is surely does. But I just had to break up the material and I think NLNM is a better album overall. Although apparently I don’t know what I am talking about, since many of my close friends who heard them albums before they came out all say HTP is by far the better of the two, so basically its just going to come down to people’s individual preferences. But for reasons like this we released the two albums because HTP wound up being far more that just KWD “outtakes” as any of the songs could have made it onto NLNM.

Thrash Magazine: Both of these albums, at least I feel, open you up into the realm of just pure metal, was this an approach you wanted to take?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: I had a very focused attack for the writing of these new albums. We had all new members in the band, although we had been playing live for about a year and did the summer tour together, so we all know each other abilities. The other guys in the band are much younger than me, so I had to educate them on the thrash era I grew up with in high school. That is where I wanted to take KWD this time and I think we have a good mix of old school thrash and KWD on the albums. I made all the guys a CD with bands like Exodus, Cyclone Temple, Dark Angel, Testament, Slayer, Turmoil, etc. Just good stuff I used to jam all the time in high school and we went from there and that’s how our new albums came to be. I mean I think if you listen to the new stuff you can hear my influence on where it went but its still all KWD in essence. We definitely have our own vibe.

Thrash Magazine: I know their was a lot of change throughout these albums, maybe explain a little about the reasons to progress, from a KWD perspective.

Matt from Killwhitneydead: As far as the line-up goes that is easy. Previous members couldn’t commit to touring which is what kept KWD from the road for so long. So I found some new guys who wanted to tour and take KWD to the next level and we are still doing that now.

As far as the songs we just write what we want to write if it’s a little different than its different and who cares, right? Your fans with either grow with you or grow apart from you. Lyrically, I wanted to try and do some new stuff this time around. So I have your standard “getting even” and “I am going to kill you” songs, but then I also wrote some songs about partying and hooking up with chicks. The chick songs go back to my days of listening to hair metal in the 80s and I thought to myself, why don’t I write some songs I could hear Cinderella singing but set to KWD music. So I did it. Its lyrics like that which help to keep the band fresh at points when you feel yourself sliding into a rut, plus its just damn good fun singing words like “looking for the girl with the tightest pants, wanted to see her fucking shake that ass!” It definitely keeps the KWD fans scratching their heads.

Thrash Magazine: What drives KWD’s hate and passion?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Liars, people who like to talk shit and partying. Those are the driving forces of the new albums. When you read the lyrics you will be able to tell that immediately. I want to bring about the “battling” of hip hop to the hardcore community. I have some songs on there that call some douche bags out, so we shall see. I think it would be fun to do, keep it harmless. We all can talk shit via our song lyrics and sell millions of records! Might as well give it a try, as I know I want to ride around in a limo saying “KILLWHITNEYDEAD got me my millions! Who woulda thunk it?!”

Thrash Magazine: Anything else you would like to add?

Matt from Killwhitneydead: Just want to thank all the fans for keeping KWD alive and helping us to get to the places we are at right now, because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be chatting right now.

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